The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 657 with Corey Knowlton

Episode Number: 657
Episode Guest: Corey Knowlton
Original Airdate: June 8, 2015
Episode Sponsors: Squarespace, MeUndies,, Onnit

Guest Bio: Corey Knowlton is an international hunting expert, known recently for winning a $350,000 auction to kill a black rhino in Namibia. He is also known for working with hunter Jim Shockey on television shows The Professionals and Uncharted.

Topics Discussed: Vegan hypocracies; the story of bidding on the rhino hunt; his goal for the rhino hunt; where the money goes; Red Cross Haiti controversy; trophy hunting; eating the rhino; why the rhino was chosen to be killed; Corey’s hunting history; hunting television shows; diseases he has caught; killing elephants; elephant tusks and ivory; elephants destroy the environment; Louis Theroux’s African Hunting Holiday documentary; people are sheltered; Disney and cartoons change peoples’ perceptions of animals; Game of Thrones editor killed by lion; hunting lions; white rhinos; hunting camps save animals; people being hypocritical about meat; hunting outrage; reasoning with animal rights and welfare activists; talking with Radiolab; PETA extremism; people talking shit online; backlash from Joe’s bear hunt; charismatic mega fauna; mountain lion population; endangered animals explanation; differences in rhinos; what Corey will do with the rhino; his goal for shooting the rhino; his name leaking as the high bidder; putting a value on animals; illegal market vs. legal market hunting; receiving hate online; responding to haters; Joe talking to Ricky Gervais about animals; social currency for standing up for animals rights; harvesting grain kills animals; people react without thinking; people are ignorant about the food industry; dead animals are everywhere; representing hunters on TV; respecting animals; learning about someone through hunting; hunting changes you for the good; going to Pakistan and the dangers that go with it; hunting polar bears with the Inuit; The Hunt TV show with James Hetfield from Metallica; hunting bear; quiet animals; brown bears; all animals get eaten; nastiest meat Corey has eaten; Jim Shockey’s TV shows; dealing with cannibals; cannibalism in Liberia; what is normal; betel nut drug use in Papua New Guinea; Corey’s scariest incidents; appreciating his own life more; feeling helpless; shooting CNN video; CNN guy attacked by rhino; after the rhino was killed; Corey’s Piers Morgan interview; hunting isn’t evil; hunting is conservation.

My Thoughts: This is all about hunting, and you’ve probably heard a lot of this stuff before. Only listen to this episode if you’re into hunting.

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