The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 655 with Kevin Folta

Episode Number: 655
Episode Guest: Kevin Folta
Original Airdate: June 4, 2015
Episode Sponsors: Squarespace, NatureBox, Onnit

Guest Bio: Kevin Folta is a land-grant scientist exploring ways to make better food with less input, also learning and teaching how to effectively communicate science to the public. He is also a professor in and chairman of the Horticultural Sciences Department at the University of Florida, Gainesville.

Topics Discussed: Everything is modified; Monsanto; terminator seeds; cross-pollination lawsuits; Brazilian farmer lawsuits against Monsanto; how farmers replant seeds; original corn; corn today; heirloom food; selective modification; creating hybrids; camel genes and cheese; benefits of Monsanto seeds to farmers; Indian farmer suicide explanation; plant variety protection; breeding programs; citrus breeding disease; GMO is not synonymous with Monsanto; antibiotics and MRSA; super weeds; silver bullet technology; GMOs and negative health effects; risk of messing with food; splicing carrots with rice; allergies; allergy-free peanuts; irrational fear of technology and Monsanto; Insane War Tomatoes; Kevin’s punk rock past; people’s concerns with GMOs; GMOs, rats, and cancer study; animal testing; SeaWorld commercial; zoos; Game of Thrones editor killed by lionvideo of goat fed to lion at zoo; ethical animal testing; species-ist; human life more important than animals; importance of science; companies buying off scientists; evil scientists; Agent Orange; Uganda’s food woes; Uganda banana conspiracy; educating people; copyrighting human life; GMO fish; testing before a seed is released; seed explanations; tomatoes; hand pollination; Norman Borlaug; people yelling at him; planting crops isn’t natural; map of crop origins; strawberry story; changing plants with light; GMOs (genetically modified organisms) and EMOs (environmentally modified organisms); preventing the negatives of modified foods; becoming an evil scientist for Monsanto; why he hasn’t worked for Monsanto; being honest; responding to people with concerns; working with kids; Kevin’s podcast; Florida Man Twitter account.

My Thoughts: Interesting stuff, though it can get a little too scientific at times.

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