The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 653 with Natasha Leggero

Episode Number: 653
Episode Guest: Natasha Leggero
Original Airdate: May 27, 2015
Episode Sponsors: Dollar Shave Club, MeUndies, ZipRecruiter, Onnit

Guest Bio: Natasha Leggero is a comedian known for her appearances on the Comedy Central Roasts of James Franco and Justin Bieber. Her new show Another Period premieres on Comedy Central June 23, 2015.

Topics Discussed: Moderation; yoga; Bikram Yoga founder accused of sexual assault; rape; working for a dominatrix; choking; Jian Ghomeshi sexual assault charges; Jimi Hendrix beat his girlfriendJimi Hendrix murder conspiracy; are people evil; Kim Jong-un; not being into fantasy; Natasha’s childhood; praising children; bad teachers; teachers and people who are discouraging; Joe’s bad acting teacher; generational success; fighters having daughters; raising daughters; kids make you hate pets; raising kids; new eye lens; anti-tech movement; hipster trends; technology and innovation; SpaceX; Elon Musk; doing old material; creating new material; connecting to the audience; performing; smoking pot; taking breaks; hobbies; golfing; appreciating the stand-up process; retiring old bits; the first CD is best because it took so long to make; Hilary Clinton; abortion talk; pro-lifer contradictions; religion talk; Catholic school; Natasha’s confession at the Vatican; Pope FrancisPopemobile; Rick Santorum’s Take America Back song; presidential elections; corruption; MMA is illegal in New York State; the best president for comedians; voting online.

My Thoughts: Nice and short.

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