The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 643 with Big Jay Oakerson (and Brian Redban)

Episode Number: 643
Episode Guest: Big Jay Oakerson
Original Airdate: May 4, 2015
Episode Sponsors: Squarespace, 1-800-FLOWERS,, Onnit

Guest Bio: Big Jay Oakerson is a stand-up comedian and he also hosts his own podcast Legion of Skanks available on iTunes.

Topics Discussed: People who are for the Baltimore riots; Fruitvale Station movie; Notorious movie; Ex Machina movie; movies based on true events; Foxcatcher movie inconsistencies; growth of the UFC; MMA rules; hits to the back of the head; Floyd Mayweather, Jr. vs. Manny Pacquiao fight; Mike Tyson; boxing and kickboxing; Mayweather; girls in the UFC; girls watching the UFC; Ronda Rousey; Ronda Rousey armbars Luke Rockhold video; Ronda Rousey vs. Cat Zingano; WWE’s Chyna; Cris Cyborg; permanent effects of steroid use; My Strange Addiction female bodybuilder; having sex with an athletic girl; skull shaving; urban legends; Richard Gere gerbil story; Going Clear Scientology documentary; Scientology making documentary about Louis TherouxTricked documentary; Skinheads USA documentary; Texas “Draw Muhammed” shooting; becoming desensitized; people more offended than ever; Bruce Jenner; 50 year-old trans woman college basketball player; gender issues and mental problems; Tom Segura transgender; hermaphrodite porn; future of gender changes; undeniable hot girls; Nicki Minaj; big butts today; female pubic hair nostalgia; Black Crowes Amorica album cover; butthole hair; butt stubble; One Wipe Charlies; Dude Wipes; Japanese toilets; wiping vs. washing after a dump; wipe while sitting or standing; Ari Shaffir’s “Jew Clam”; Ari’s butthole; comics showing their junk to others; tricking girls into looking at Ari’s balls; Joey Diaz showing his junk; Ashley Madison; Thrinder; the life of a comic; stripper and comic similarities; accepting people who are different; gay parents use child as sex slave (edit: I couldn’t find anything about this); sociopath vs. psychopath; emapthy; guy who stabs butts; East Village Asian man beating/murder; Charles Whitman, Texas shooter; World War I King Kong propaganda picture; mountain gorillas; Germans; German cars; air car; air bike from Shark Tank; Shark Tank; Diamond Dallas Page’s DDP Yoga; yoga; Rickson Gracie pistol squat video; Rogue Reverse Hyper machine; inversion tables; stretching your body; powerlifting and kettle bells; American Ninja Warrior; Russian climbers; Samsung parkour video; parkour; building jump video; man-made vaginas; Mayweather vs. Pacquiao; Lucas Matthysse vs. Ruslan Provodnikov fight; Provodnikov post-fight urine sample was blackAmerican Sniper drama; Freddie Gray death; bad journalism; UVA rape story; why do some stories blow up; Baltimore mayor; giving Baltimore rioters “space to destroy”; being a cop today; drunk drivers; car chases; cops hit by cars after pulling people over; being a cop; man buns; girls dying their hair gray; Workaholics Joe Rogan episode; good TV shows today; disappointment with DexterDexter choke scene; John Lithgow; Notorious rap battle sceneNotorious BIG freestyle video; Nas; Gang Starr; Nice & Smooth; Dee Dee Ramone rap album; Chris Cornell; Sugar Ray; Mark McGrath; Incubus; Sugar Ray “Mean Machine” video; Richard Pryor Live on the Sunset Strip; Pryor freebasing incident; Pryor’s rhythm on stage; Dane Cook’s physical comedy; Emo Philips’ voice; Bobcat Goldthwait persona; Fight Club 2 comic book; Memento movie; fake fight scenes; Warrior movie; Ex Machina movie; Tesla Powerwall battery; Tesla cars; Dolph Lundgren as The Punisher.

My Thoughts: Some funny stuff in this episode. They bounce around to a variety of topics and obviously cover some well-worn territory as well.

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