The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 642 with Rich Roll

Episode Number: 642
Episode Guest: Rich Roll
Original Airdate: May 2, 2015
Episode Sponsors: DraftKings, Onnit

Guest Bio: Rich Roll is a plant-powered wellness advocate, best-selling author, ultra-athlete and host of The Rich Roll Podcast available on iTunes.

Topics Discussed: Starbucks and McDonalds offering kale shakes; getting rid of cable television; TV commercials; TiVo; The Tim Ferris Experiment TV show; iTunes ranking algorithm; The Joe Rogan Experience podcast gets 14 million downloads per month; Sam Harris and Abby Martin feud; talking to someone with opinions different than yours; being smarter than a teacher in school; critical thinking; finding things you enjoy; old parents; success and happiness; the idea of retirement for people today; Ex Machina movie; artificial intelligence; California drought; climate and landscape changes; Mexico smog; lack of foresight; goats on the Galapagos Islands; Dancing with the Stars; talk show hosts; Jerry Springer; vegan shaming; vegans; shaming people into changing; foxkin on Tumblrdeer eating birds video; factory farming; pig farm drone video; Cowspiracy movie; California water use; environmental domino effect; city of vegans; corn and corn farmers; Meatonomics book; free range chickens and eggs; missing eating meat; addiction; Atkin’s diet; blue zones; heart disease and diabetes; food industry now compared to the tobacco industry of the 1970s; potato chips; unhealthy vegans; fruit juice; fruitarianism; vegan power lifters; Travis Barker (vegan) returns to eating meat after plane crash to recover from injuries; Joe’s “hulk loads” kale shakes; the body craves what you need; organisms crave sugar if you eat a lot of sugar; kombucha tea; importance of probiotics; shifting momentum; hulk loads shakes; angry hulk loads made with beets; beets; bok choy is the new kale; growing vegetables; bee keeping; Flow Hive bee hive on Indiegogo; vegans and honey; bee talk; Joe’s Fear Factor bee story; queen bees; leaf cutter ants; ant death spiral; insects; ants can kill elephants; Invisibilia podcast; blind guy uses clicking sound as a sonar video; heightened senses; sound of silence; study shows plants don’t grow near WiFi router; negative energy, signals, and vibes; Box Canyon; cancer from golf course pesticides; medication side effects; acupuncture; the placebo effect; zone healers; eastern medicine; meditation; Headspace meditation app; benefits of meditation; HAG Capisco office chair; sensory deprivation tanks.

My Thoughts: Not as preachy as I anticipated. A bit of MMA talk and Joe talks about his famous hulk loads kale shakes. Nice to hear a vegan like Rich admit that he misses meat and craves fast food when he drives by a McDonald’s.

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