The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 639 with Greg Proops (and Brian Redban)

Episode Number: 639
Episode Guest: Greg Proops
Original Airdate: April 28, 2015
Episode Sponsors: Squarespace, Dollar Shave Club, Onnit

Guest Bio: Greg Proops is a stand-up comedian, also well known for his improv comedy on the show Whose Line is it Anyway?. He currently hosts his own podcast called The Smartest Man in the World and has a new book available in May, 2015 called The Smartest Book in the World.

Topics Discussed: Writing his book; writing material; writing longhand; writing cursive; signatures; writing left handed; carpal tunnel syndrome; using dumb phones; sharing too much online; infomercials; side effects of medicine advertised on television; Onexton TV commercial; allergies to things; penicillin; germaphobes; shaking hands; dirty microphones; DNA; hair samples as evidence; the justice system; police officers; female police officers; ticketing citizens for profit; parking tickets; toll roads; red light cameras; OJ Simpson; Michael Jackson; RT reporter robbed on camera; growing up in a ghetto; gentrification; poverty; Brody Stevens; Don Barris; The Comedy Store; doing cocaine; cut and uncut drugs; Coca-Cola uses real coca leaves; chewing coca leaves; refined sugar; salt; preserving food with salt; Salt: A World History book; relearning old crafts; violins; guitars; wood; wood feels better; Colorado and marijuana; asset forfeiture law; addiction; republicans and democrats; Bruce Jenner; Protein World billboard controversy; body shaming; heirloom tomatoes; potatoes; corn; GMOs; growing vegetables in California; California drought; Lake Travis in Texas has dried up; living under power lines; Nikola Tesla; Tesla in love with pigeon; Tesla “destroyed [his] sexuality”; Tesla and Edison; Edison electrocuted elephant to death video; elephants; moose antlers; rhinos; duiker antelope; deer eating birds video; Joe and Brian’s shirts from the woman who made the sexist shirt the scientist wore.

My Thoughts: I like Greg, but this episode covers well-worn territory.

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