The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 637 with Remi Warren

Episode Number: 637
Episode Guest: Remi Warren
Original Airdate: April 22, 2015
Episode Sponsors: National Academy of Sports Medicine, Blue Apron, Onnit

Guest Bio: Remi Warren is a hunter, adventurer, and videographer. His new show Apex Predator is on the Sportsman Channel and available at

Topics Discussed: Apex Predator TV show; dressing up as wolf to hunt bison; George Catlin hunting painting; what happened to bison; wolf hunger; power of a wolf’s bite; lone wolves; reintroduction of wolves; misconceptions of the wild; mountain lions; wild pork; trichinosis; birds; blue heron spearing gopher; pelicans; eagles; harpy eagles; golden eagle; replicating animal senses; hunting with nose; humans’ natural hunting ability; holding breath underwater; breath holds and red blood cells; athletes holding breath; cryogenics; motivation to do his show; trophy hunting; girl kills giraffe, takes selfie picture; giraffes; African wild game preserves; size of Africa; sexism in hunting; pretty girls hunting and posing; gay hunters; homophobia; wearing leather; eating pigeons; lobster was poor people food; roaches and shellfish allergy; favorite meat; biggest elk he’s hunted; being sick while carrying meat for 30 hours; losing weight hunting; toughness of hunters; discomfort vs. pain; hardship makes memories; hunting for the challenge; turkey hunting; Himalayan tahr; hunting in New Zealand; deer eating birds video; bears eating their babies; different styles of hunting; making hunting harder; hunting buffalo; showing failures on television; portraying hunting accurately; meat eaters angry at hunters; killing and eating his horse; horse meat; mountain lion and bighorn sheep fall off cliff onto road; hunting alligator; charged by pig; football and steroids; football players now vs. then; NFL brain trauma; MMA sparring; sports injuries; training for hunting; patience; physicality of hunting; his equipment; Kifaru packs; The Hunt TV show narrated by James Hetfield is fake; bullshit hunting shows; hunting blue heron; respectful hunting shows; learning from nature; future episodes; walking barefoot; talking with anti hunters; spirituality of hunting; how to get into hunting; hunting for the experience.

My Thoughts: I like these hunting podcasts. I’ve never held a gun in my life, and don’t like venturing outside my house.

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