The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 635 with Jim Norton

Episode Number: 635
Episode Guest: Jim Norton
Original Airdate: April 15, 2015
Episode Sponsors: DraftKings, Dollar Shave Club, ZipRecruiter, Onnit

Guest Bio: Jim Norton is a stand-up comedian, radio personality, author, and actor. His latest special Contextually Inadequate debuts April 24, 2015 on Epix.

Topics Discussed: Broadcasting; the first TVs; radio shows; War of The Worlds radio broadcast; William Randolph Hearst marijuana illegalization story; Come to Papa podcast; Tom Papa; clean and dirty comics; size doesn’t matter debate; Jim quitting porn and hookers; being disconnected from people; finding a hobby; Ari Shaffir’s cell phone; Samsung Galaxy Note; taking notes; voice recognition; Android vs. iOS devices; before there were cell phones; being poor; Jim’s disgusting New Jersey apartment Cribs video; black mold; breathing problems; breathing exercises; holding breath; holotropic breathing; Phoenix, Arizona; Warren Sapp and hookers; getting blackmailed by a hooker; being a rapper; Jimi Hendrix’s manager Michael Jeffery; Hendrix murder conspiracy; Jon Jones vs. Anthony “Rumble” Johnson; hanging out together in Las Vegas; Jim’s stand-up; his new special; writing new material; complaints from fans; internet trolls; pleasing the fans; social justice warriors; Jim’s many characters; Jim doing a podcast; satellite radio; Thunderpussy stand-up show; being impulsive; Justine Sacco’s Africa AIDS tweet; firing people for tweets; Trevor Noah’s racist tweets; fat shaming; food addictions; addictions; Joe’s gaming addiction; LAN parties; keyboard and mouse vs. gamepad for video games; video game talk; sleep apnea; recent Opie and Anthony fight; Jim’s Time Magazine Trevor Noah article; Joan Rivers; Louis CK’s thanksgiving party with celebrities; Ozzy Osbourne; Joan Rivers’ talk show.

My Thoughts: Listen to this if you want to hear the William Randolph Hearst marijuana/decorticator story and to hear Joe talk about his video game addiction AGAIN.

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