The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 632 with Les Stroud (and Brian Redban)

Episode Number: 632
Episode Guest: Les Stroud
Original Airdate: April 3, 2015
Episode Sponsors: N/A

Guest Bio: Les Stroud is a Canadian musician, filmmaker, and survival expert best known as the creator, writer, producer, director, cameraman, and host of the television series Survivorman. New episodes of Surivorman begin airing on The Science Channel in April.

Topics Discussed: Sleep; all-nighters; night podcasts; working at night; Joe’s comedy; doing stand-up comedy; Les’ Bigfoot shows; Bear Grylls sleeping in hotels; faking his show; fake reality shows; Life Below Zero; the realness of Survivorman; binge watching; Les’ first experience with Bigfoot; fake Bigfoot pictures; ape believers vs. alien believers; Vietnamese fanged deer; lack of Bigfoot bones; Native American words for Bigfoot; Thunderbird; shoebill bird; craziest shit Les has seen; sleeping in tree while followed by tiger; tiger attacks guy on elephant video; tiger talk; killer whales; Cum for Bigfoot books; Bigfoot erotica; lack of Bigfoot DNA; evidence from shooting his show; Joe poking holes in evidence; hearing sounds; Les hears Bigfoot sound in Alaska; heightened state when alone; people who live alone in the woods; going crazy when alone; tigers killing people in India; gurus and yogis; guru who doesn’t eat or drink; Aghori cannibal Hindu monks; cannibals; wearing corpses; embalming; how many Sasquatches are there; does Les really believe Bigfoot exists; animals eating the asshole first; why does Les continue to make his show; domesticated caribou; Sturgeon fish; alligators; sick days; reconnecting to life; Mexican food; gluten; pasta; Italian food; sugar; what Bigfoot eats; wood knocking; Bigfoot “samurai chatter” audio; Patterson-Gimlin footage; Bob Heironimus; betting on validity of the footage; the Loch Ness Monster; mushrooms and psychedelics.

My Thoughts: Joe gives Les a hard time about believing in Bigfoot.

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