The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 629 with Andrew Hill, PhD

Episode Number: 629
Episode Guest: Andrew Hill, PhD
Original Airdate: March 24, 2015
Episode Sponsors: MeUndies, Blue Apron, Onnit

Guest Bio: Andrew Hill, PhD, is a lecturer, scientist, explorer, and also the lead neuroscientist at TruBrain.

Topics Discussed: Substance abuse treatment; moderation; focus; abstaining; what’s forbidden becomes desirable; predisposition to all addiction; Native Americans and alcohol addiction; rats and drug/alcohol tests; absence of a stimulating environment; boredom leads to addiction; drug treatment; pill addiction; Oxycontin Express¬†documentary; heroin addiction; cigarettes; physical effects of withdrawal; Rush Limbaugh’s pill addiction; obtaining pain killers; pill doctors and cannabis shop similarities; addiction and brain activity; neuro feedback; ADHD doesn’t exist; range of focus; how the brain works with ADHD; pressure of school with ADHD; Montessori schools; current state of public education; coming of age rituals; Ibogaine;¬†resetting the brain; depression symptoms; depression is a disease; depression and the brain; bio feedback; seizures and brain waves; people paid by pharmaceutical companies; weed now vs. then; eliminating weed tolerance; cops eat weed, call 911 video; eating weed; Ibuprofen, weed, and memory; Adderall; stimulants and cleaning/doing work; chasing the Adderall dragon; improving learning; Provigil/Monafidil side effects; histamine sensitivity; Nuvigil vs. Provigil; wakefulness; nicotine effects pros and cons; cigars and cancer; smoking and creativity; weed and creativity; the body’s cannabinoid system; Echinacea; CBDs and cancer; illegalization of marijuana; weed and epileptic seizures; hemp illegal in the USA; Aspirin; nootropics; TruBrain; caffeine. GMOs; clickbait; peanut allergies; Kopi Luwak poop coffee; coffee benefits; flavors of coffee; Cuban cigars; old cars in Cuba; complexity of new cars; environmental impact of Hummer vs. Prius; Los Angeles smog and air quality; veggie oil cars; weight of cars; aluminum cars; diesel efficiency; Neil Young and biodiesel; Pono player; Sony new ZX2 Walkman; mindfulness; meditation; distraction; sensory deprivation tanks; ping pong ball goggles; feeling inside tank; Andrew’s old jobs; working with TBI sufferers; sleep medication; hypnotic states; sleep troubles; brain wave types; Dali Llama; Stevan Segal; Aikido; O-Sensei Akido videos; fuckery in martial arts; wrestling vs. Aikido; effectiveness of Aikido; bullshit traditional martial arts; breakdancing benefits on martial arts; effect of conflict on the brain; performance anxiety; stress; being in the zone; measuring athlete brains; storage space of the brain.

My Thoughts: Not as dull as I was expecting it to be. Most interesting to me was the talk of addiction.

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