The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 626 with Trevor Moore

Episode Number: 626
Episode Guest: Trevor Moore
Original Airdate: March 18, 2015
Episode Sponsors: ZipRecruiter, LegalZoom, NatureBox

Guest Bio: Trevor Moore is an actor, comedian, writer, director, producer and musician, best known as the founding member of the comedy troupe The Whitest Kids U’ Know. His latest special High on Church is available now at

Topics Discussed: Vaping; nicotine; cancer; HIV; AIDS; Peter Deusberg; gay people partying; AIDS conspiracy theories; JonBenet Ramsey is Lady Gaga conspiracy theory; Magic Johnson HIV conspiracy; JonBenet Ramsey’s house for sale; parents of children; kids playing sports; parents living through their kids; people faking their death; Robert Durst; Whitey Bulger; killing yourself; the ocean; tsunamis; undertows; Greg Fitzsimmons saving someone; stories of people almost drowning; skydiving; how to fall out of a plane and live; HBO Real Sports: Dangers on Mount Everest; people dying on Mount Everest; how busy Mount Everest is; Aspen, Colorado elevation; oxygen after performing live; Aspen, Colorado; skiing; moguls; skiing speed; skiing injuries; hip replacements; fusing disks; doctor who was intentionally misdiagnosing people with cancer; Dead Doctors Don’t Lie book; dentists and depression; cops and depression; going on a ride along; war compared to hunting; Viagra in the Middle East; ISIS and Al-Qaeda; testing a TV show; Amazon delivery drones; Dave Matthews gives Charleston, SC free bikes, they get stolen; 3D printing; piracy; the music industry today; Gangnam Style; Artifact 30 Seconds to Mars documentary; when the first iPhone came out; obsession with social media; nanobots; transmitting thoughts over the internet; how people Use Twitter; Kony 2012; social media brownie points; people who want to be angry; Chuck Woolery on Twitter; Trevor on The Dating Game with Chuck Woolery; Jeb Bush and Hilary Clinton; George P. Bush; girls with glasses; foot fetishes; porn in the woods; furries; bullies; Joe’s Hulk lunch box; Comic-Con; cosplayers compared to furries; vaping; chemicals in cigarettes; the CIA handbook; is vaping safe; The Culture High documentary; John Mellencamp booed at UFC event; being a liberal; Texas history; Cuban cigars; people smoking; throat cancer; future of humans; Occulus Rift; John McCain caught playing poker on phone; McCain/Obama debate; Afghanistan minerals; vaping alcohol; powdered alcohol; alcohol laws; Mormons and caffeine; whippets; huffing paint; Intervention TV show; I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant TV show; lady who threw baby in garbage; dropping unwanted babies off at fire departments; baby drop laws; population; age of parents and birth defects; autism; growing up religious; children rebelling; overbearing parents; Terminator movies; Trevor’s parents’ reaction to his comedy; Civil War reenactments; bodies stenciled on Normandy beach; Brian Williams’ lies; memories.

My Thoughts: Not sure if I’ve heard a podcast with this guy before or not. Not much comedy or stand-up talk at all. Not that funny despite them both being comedians. Entertaining regardless.

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