The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 622 with Adam Carolla

Episode Number: 622
Episode Guest: Adam Carolla
Original Airdate: March 9, 2015
Episode Sponsors: Squarespace,, Onnit

Guest Bio: Adam Carolla is a comedian, radio personality, television host, and actor. Check out his new movie Road Hard at

Topics Discussed: Adam’s project; why he wanted to make a movie; what the movie is about; comedians who get development deals; stepping backwards; going back to stand-up comedy; TV actors doing stand-up; Chicken‘s development deal; comedian suicides; fanny packs; Andrew Dice Clay; Adam’s Mr. Birchum character; starting his podcast; lawsuits; patent troll story; divorce attorneys; Phil Hartman’s marriage; Zoloft; settling lawsuits; patent troll lawsuit; sued by ex-partner; people suing; people feel like they’re owed something; equality; figuring life out; money and happiness; life isn’t even; genetic manipulation; Bruce Jenner; Skippy from Family Ties; patent troll lawsuit; sibling relationships; people asking for money for business ideas; Adam’s¬†warehouse filling up with other people’s stuff; getting your shit together; government issues; dealing with a lease and tenant; car manufacturer recalls.

My Thoughts: Not a fan of Adam’s but this podcast is short enough that it’s worth listening to if you’re bored. He gets into what happened with the patent trolls and how the end of that situation came about.

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