The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 621 with Aubrey Marcus

Episode Number: 621
Episode Guest: Aubrey Marcus
Original Airdate: March 8, 2015
Episode Sponsors: LegalZoom, National Academy of Sports Medicine, Onnit

Guest Bio: Aubrey Marcus is a writer, entrepreneur, and adventurer. Some of his writings and experiences can be found on his website as well as links to his latest venture, Onnit Labs.

Topics Discussed: Onnit Alpha Brain trial and test results (read them here); why it’s important; earth grown nutrients; cannabis oil; hippies; people who try too hard; Joe’s lost wallet; garbage man who started work too early sentenced to jail; electroshock therapy; sniper performed better with electricity on brain; getting in the zone; STDs; Michael Douglas and throat cancer; movie star kids; father and son relationships; Korean families; medical school; alternative medicine and treatments; doctors who don’t know enough; eating healthy; artificial back disks; Germany and vitamins; Onnit banned in Germany; Regenokine; placebo surgeries; Fen-Phen; Viox; Guy Metzger brain trauma video; woo-woo; Kundalini yoga; holotropic breathing; Joey Diaz making himself laugh; The Rise of Superman book; flow state; Chuck Liddell celebrating after UFC wins; Chuck’s fighting style; Joe analyzes Chuck’s fighting career; head trauma; fighting too long; Jon Jones; Conor McGregor; Hector Lombard; acknowledging you can lose; Vinny Shoreman working with fighters; hypnosis; importance of belief; getting in someone’s head; losing a girl; Redneck Crazy song; self-love; standard of behavior; finding good friends; Team Alpha Male living together; Urijah Faber; building a tribe; importance of martial arts; doing difficult things; bone structure of hunter/gatherers; being strong; politics; tribalism; preppers; illusion of separation; people who are falling apart; changing momentum; empathy; the Pledge of Allegiance; communism; witch hunts; going to jail for weed or mushrooms; MMA rivalries; Kimbo Slice; 3D mapping meniscus; consciousness; simulation theory; connecting; trying to improve; white people racist against white people; male feminists; being alpha; Anthony Bourdain training BJJ; taboo words and the people who use them; judging character of politicians; us vs. them mentality; consciousness; Texas town fires police, crime drops; The Fifth Sacred Thing book; utopia; tribes; Burning Man event; buying a ranch in Texas for drug trips; saying “I don’t know”; admitting ignorance.

My Thoughts: Exactly what you’d expect. Psychedelic hippy woo-woo. It seems like these two agree about everything and cover the same ground every time they do a podcast together. Though I’m not into the psychedelic hippy woo-woo, I’m not against listening to it. But it has to be interesting. Duncan Trussell is someone who can make it interesting. Aubrey is not, in my humble opinion.

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