The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 617 with Brian Regan (and Brian Redban)

Episode Number: 617
Episode Guest: Brian Regan
Original Airdate: February 26, 2015
Episode Sponsors: Dollar Shave Club, NatureBox, LegalZoom, Onnit

Guest Bio: Brian Regan is one of the top stand-up comedians working today, find him touring all over the country at

Topics Discussed: Las Vegas comedy residency vs. traveling; Las Vegas restaurants; Brian Regan’s first live UFC event; state taxes; slot machines; counting cards; Ben Affleck and Dana White winning too much, get cut off from casinos; cheating; playing the odds; gambling; craps; Richard Jeni; depression; suicide; Robin Williams; morning radio shows; technology; car Bluetooth connections; GPS systems; iPads in cars; health trackers; technology; TVs; CES; SmartThings; Dropcam cameras; sleeping cold; sleep; dreams; flying in dreams; recurring dreams; Tower of Terror; dreams and reality; lucid dreams; astral projection; face mods; plastic surgery; John Travolta introduces himself to man in gym at 3 AM; regular people with celebrity stories; people with “bad” celebrity encounters; living in Las Vegas; people talking about how well they’re doing; egos; people trying to bring you down; talk show sets; always learning; working on new material; Rodney Dangerfield working on material; writing; working out material; touring as a stand-up vs. having a TV show; building a fan base; anonymity; working clean; Vaudeville; sharing jokes; prop acts; puppet acts; Otto and George; hypnosis acts; worst gigs; bad crowds; good crowds; Brody Stevens closing shows with drumming; warm-up acts; Birdman; Michael Keaton; negativity; bringing down celebs.

My Thoughts: Not familiar with this guy. Appreciated that it wasn’t a marathon three-hour podcast. Not terribly interesting but not really boring either.

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