The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 616 with John Wayne Parr

Episode Number: 616
Episode Guest: John Wayne Parr
Original Airdate: February 24, 2015
Episode Sponsors: Onnit, Squarespace, MeUndies

Guest Bio: John Wayne Parr is an Australian middleweight kickboxer and boxer, fighting out of Boonchu Gym in Gold Coast, Queensland. He is a 10-time World Champion in Muay Thai and runner-up in The Contender Asia.

Topics Discussed: John’s training; Ramon Dekkers; PKA; why kickboxing didn’t catch on; kickboxing in Australia; Glory kickboxing; training together; never being satisfied; MMA getting popular; John fighting on TV; getting respect from the media; cricket; fighting in a cage vs. a ring; cage fighting banned in Australia; falling out of the ring; kickboxing rules; the clinch; ref stand-ups during fights; stalling; scoring; the clinch; broken bones; World Combat League; fighting in the K1 promotion; fighting for huge crowds; fighting in Thailand; the samurai spirit; bad fans; wins and losses; Floyd Mayweather Jr., boxing talk; Manny Pacquiao; PEDs; Anderson Silva; Hector Lombard; John’s journey to Thailand; his fights; John’s strong desire for fame and being remembered; Ramon Dekker’s death; Ramon Dekker’s injuries; fighting injured; Cain Velasquez; falling apart; knowing when to stop fighting; calling himself a “cru” or teacher; becoming a monk; Buddhism; attacked by a ghost; sleep paralysis; Thai ghost houses; ghost hunting television shows; pre-fight dance; Thai hand/arm wraps; learning the Thai language; communication challenges; kids learning to fight; fighter money and fame; gambling in Thailand; fixed fights; Thai mafia fixing fights; not paying debts; gambling in Asia; gamblers touching fighters; women fighting; women seen as bad luck; girl germs; transgender fighter; Japan freak show fights; Bob Sapp merchandise in Japan; Japan; popularity of K1; UFC buying Pride FC; getting paid by K1; Peter Aerts; Mirko Crocop; his toughest opponent; Buakaw; Buakaw had money stolen by his manager; Lion Fights Muay Thai; working with Georges St-Pierre; Georges St-Pierre’s fight with Johny Hendricks; Bas Rutten; Maurice Smith; evolution of MMA striking; liver kicks; stances; front kicks; training at Eric Paulson’s gym. Josh Barnett training story; strength and conditioning; BJ Penn vs. Georges St-Pierre; guys good everywhere; working with MMA fighters; Nick Diaz; Muay Thai vs. MMA fight.

My Thoughts: Getting burned out on these epic three-hour podcasts. This one was hard to get through for me, maybe because Joe had this guy on the day before. It’s too much fight talk.

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