The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 609 with Tom Papa (and Brian Redban)

Episode Number: 609
Episode Guest: Tom Papa
Original Airdate: February 5, 2015
Episode Sponsors: 1-800-FLOWERS, Ting, Onnit

Guest Bio: Tom Papa is a comedian, actor, writer and television/radio host. Tom has a great story on This is Not Happening here.

Topics Discussed: Onnit Caveman Coffee and butter coffee explanation; coffee; managing vices; alcohol; drinking a glass of wine per day; yoga; weed; going back to marijuana; lies; farts; weed misconceptions; age to start smoking weed; growing as a person; doing the same act for years; old material; inspiration from other comedians; professional comics; comedians talking loud but not being funny; being scared to do controversial material; Roast Battle; the “N word” in comedy; heckled for doing racial material; people looking to be offended; complimenting a race; working out material; first draft of everything is shit; Artie Lange’s Ferguson joke; Artie’s ESPN controversy; Daniel Tosh; insult comedy; working with Don Rickles; Rodney Dangerfield; being star struck; Bill Hicks; dying young; Bill Cosby; Hollywood Illuminati; Charlie Sheen; Anger Management FX show; Charlie Sheen’s live comedy shows with Russell Peters; writing for a sitcom; Newsradio talk; Dave Foley; Hollywood; Randy Quaid going crazy; Charlie Sheen and hookers; Hugh Hefner; robes; sexist shirt worn by scientist; “airtight”; ass-to-mouth; shooting on film; practical effects; black and white; vinyl; expensive new Sony NW-ZX2 Walkman; headphones; Beats by Dre; running; iPhone 6; Samsung Galaxy phones; iPhone vs. Galaxy; thumb recognition; cops can force you to use fingerprint recognition to unlock phone; Find My Phone; disable iPhone swipe up Control Center menu; cell phone improvements; Apple Pay; Fast Pass; business managers; agents stealing money; Dane Cook’s brother stole his money, hid it in his house; thinking; writing high; Carl Sagan and marijuana; Cosmos; Neil deGrasse Tyson; Cosmos not aired in Kansas; writing; recording sets; Voice Record Pro 7 Full; foodies; wine; temperature; weather; Nike; buying online; pellet grills; Green Mountain Grills; Big Green Egg; Kamodo grill; game meat; Steve Rinella; foie gras; PETA and chicken periods; cooking game meat; animal cruelty; free range animals; The Marriage Ref; working with celebrities; The Celebrity Apprentice; Penn Jillette; why The Marriage Ref failed; what Tom’s working on now; Cinemax; TV channels; Netflix shows; Rob Zombie; Netflix money; TV on while sleeping; This is Not Happening; TBS; downloading Netflix videos; The Pirate Bay; file sharing; Mega Upload.

My Thoughts: Tom and Joe don’t know each other so they don’t share a rapport that Joe and his other comedian friends have. A nice casual conversation that covers a wide range of topics, many of which you’ve likely heard before. Good to put on in the background while doing something else.

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