The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 604 with Eddie Huang and Randall Park

Episode Number: 604
Episode Guest: Eddie Huang and Randall Park
Original Airdate: January 27, 2015
Episode Sponsors:, MeUndies, LegalZoom, ZipRecruiter, Onnit

Guest Bio: Eddie Huang is a restaurateur, food personality, sandwich hack, and former lawyer. His book Fresh Off the Boat is the inspiration for a new sitcom of the same name starring Randall Park, airing on ABC starting in February.

Topics Discussed: Vegan landscaping; North Korea Sony hacks; would Randall ever go to North Korea; North Korea’s underground market; Dennis Rodman; Dennis Rodman drunk television interview; Randall scared for his life; his personal guards; homogenization of the world; the origin of Eddie’s sitcom; TED angry at Eddie; Fresh Off the Boat TV show; Margaret Cho’s TV show; Asian accent coach for Randall; auditions; response from Asians; Korean playing someone from Taiwan; playing a character rather than a person; Asians getting the girls in movies; Asian women and white guys; women’s butts; fake butts; Emeril Lagasse; Eddie acting; giving kids girl advice; Eddie’s memory of looking up a girl’s skirt; drunk sex is rape; drunk sex; Woody Allen; picture of Soon-Yi on Woody’s lap (edit: I think the picture he’s talking about is actually his daughter he adopted with Soon-Yi); Woody Allen writing with his typewriter video; Woody Allen looking for women stand-up routine video; Bill Cosby’s spanish fly stand-up routine; Iceman documentary; Cosby calling Eddie Murphy; Sam Kinison; Richard Pryor; ABC dealing with Vice; Eddie’s accent; A$AP Yams; sizurp; NyQuil; codeine; weed; depression and paranoia; eating weed; getting drunk; free speech; Charlie Hebdo; drones; innocent people dying; global warming; global cooling; ancient structures; asteroids; Cindy Crawford; David Choe; David’s massage rape story; forcible blowjobs; rape fantasies; “yes means yes” law; Consent is Sexy video; noise when sleeping; parents fighting; couples who fight.

My Thoughts: Randall Park didn’t stick around this episode too long, at which point it turned into an Eddie Huang podcast. I get a David Choe vibe from this guy, probably because he’s Asian and doesn’t act like you’d expect a stereotypical Asian to act. I’m sure you could interpret that as being vaguely racist but that’s not my intention.

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