The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 603 with Justin Wren

Episode Number: 603
Episode Guest: Justin Wren
Original Airdate: January 27, 2015
Episode Sponsors: Squarespace,, NatureBox, Onnit

Guest Bio: Justin Wren is an American MMA fighter, formerly on The Ultimate Fighter. He recently returned from a one-year mission helping the Pygmy people of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Learn more about his project at

Topics Discussed: Sickness; parasites; malaria; infection; 70% of his blood was parasites; c2o coconut water; trichinosis; malaria medicine; Jameson whisky heir cannibalism story; Pygmy brought to America for zoo; mob justice; witchcraft; albinos; rebels; why Justin went to the Congo; donations from Joe and his fans; Fight for the Forgotten Organization; Water4 Organization; Life Straw for drinking water from the source; corruption in the Congo; border extortion; working with the local university; languages; spear hunting; tapeworms in children; bow and arrow hunting; poison tip arrows; hunting; Dual Survivor TV show; walking barefoot in the Congo; gloves and wraps in MMA; Dennis Hallman fighting in bikini briefs in UFC match; coming back to the UFC; Team Takedown; Marky Laimon; training as a heavyweight; Shane Carwin; Dan Henderson vs. Gegard Mousasi fight; stopping fights early; Andy Ogle vs. Makwan Amirkhani fight; boxing commissions; MMA referees; eye pokes in MMA; Everlast gloves to be used in the UFC; Pride FC gloves; Bellator gloves; bare knuckle fighting; Diamond MMA cups; Thai steel cups; using steel cups in submissions; Frank Mir breaking arms; drilling a well in the Congo; typhoid insects; tarantula in Justin’s beard; Congo people scared of white people; carrying water; cameras and pictures in the Congo; Freedom in the Congo movie; explaining the UFC to people in the Congo; bribing officials with signed Topps UFC cards; what his goals are for the future; teaching techniques to people in the Congo; balancing his time; Kenny Monday; Johny Hendricks; Alexander Gustafsson’s loss to Anthony Johnson; Japanese MMA fans; obnoxious MMA fans; Tyron Woodley and leaving it in the hands of the judges; Nate Quarry vs. Kalib Starnes fight; MMA judging; knee injuries.

My Thoughts: Joe’s talked about this guy and his mission many times in the past, so it was nice to finally hear from the man himself. I wasn’t familiar with him as an MMA fighter, but am curious to see how he does in the future after such a long layoff from the sport. MMA moves quickly, so he has a lot of catching up to do.

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