The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 600 with Ari Shaffir (and Brian Redban)

Episode Number: 600
Episode Guest: Ari Shaffir
Original Airdate: January 14, 2015
Episode Sponsors:, Onnit

Guest Bio: Ari Shaffir is a stand-up comedian and hosts his own podcast Ari Shaffir’s Skeptic Tank. He also has a new special premiering on Comedy Central on Friday, January 16th, 2015 at 11:59 PM called Ari Shaffir: Paid Regular. You can also buy the uncensored version of his special at

Topics Discussed: Shroomfest; eating mushrooms; mushrooms and anti-depressants; biological free lunch; alcohol at Disneyland; Joey Diaz impressions; 3D shirts; 3D technology; 3D movies; Godzilla; Godzilla vs. King Kong; teenage boys; Nyquil; codeine; Vicodin; sizurp; The Hobbit movies; CGI; Clay Guida’s hair in the UFC video game; hair pulling in the UFC; Jurassic World trailer; James Cameron; deep sea filming; James Cameron movies; Aliens; pneumatic tube systems; Occulus Rift porn; South Park; UFC Fight Pass; Apple TV; Netflix; Ari’s new special; Ari’s career; starting out; returning to The Comedy Store; Los Angeles comedy scene; New York vs. Los Angeles; comedy in China; big stars; musicians; Alice in Chains new singer; Ari’s herpes scare; herpes testing; sniffing dogs; pastor punches kid in the chest video; religion; new special; coming off weed; projection pool table; chess; groupies; Game of Thrones; Ari’s podcast; Comedy Store open mic; Bob Oschack; prejudice against comedians; suits; choking during showcase; Mitzi Shore; bombing; Steve Simeone; comedy talk; diarrhea; gutter oil; China street food; dog meat; cum cookie; washing face with cum cloth; Punch Drunk’s Bag of Bets; Whitney Cummings; Brian Holtzman; Brody Stevens; million dollar Porsche at The Comedy Store; Porsche talk; Paul Walker; Ari’s flip phone; abandoning smart phone; Tinder; benefits of no smart phone; pros and cons of flip phone; virtual reality; Occulus Rift; dumb phones; Margaret Cho at Golden Globes; racists; Ari’s new special; comedy today; piracy; commercials; Last Comic Standing; Donald Cerrone.

My Thoughts: It’s Ari and Joe. Give it a listen.

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