The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 599 with Shane Smith

Episode Number: 599
Episode Guest: Shane Smith
Original Airdate: January 14, 2015
Episode Sponsors: MeUndies, LegalZoom, Onnit

Guest Bio: Shane Smith is a Canadian-American journalist. He also is the co-founder and CEO of the international media company Vice.

Topics Discussed: North Korea; actress and director kidnapped and forced to make movies By Kim Jong Il; Russia; Vladimir Putin; Cold War; Greenland melting; Antarctica; land ice and sea ice; oil pipeline; water pipeline; Icelandic strongmen; weird foods; fermented puffin; fermented foods; discovery of alcohol; wine for hydration; fresh water; lakes vanishing; drought in Texas and California; tigers in Texas; Texas game parks; rhino poaching; rhino horn for erections; boner pills; bath salts; New Zealand’s legal meth; Requip Parkinson’s drug that turned man into gambler/gay sex addict; France; Charlie Hebdo; censorship; Siege of Mecca book;  fighting North Korea; The Interview; Dennis Rodman; Michael Jordan; fixing North Korea; army running country; sports talk; tough Russians; USA vs. Russia; China’s military; terrorism; US oil production; ISIS and Saudi Arabia; ISIS; US and Al Qaeda; how ISIS gained strength; communicating; news; freedom of speech; news fatigue; cigarettes; universal health care; making your own things; making vodka; Jack Daniel’s; filtering vodka through a Brita; Smirnoff; Coke vs. Pepsi; alcohol; vodka soda; brown liquor; bad side of alcohol; HIV eating cancer; re-engineering viruses; Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History; abusing power; what gets you up in the morning; money; Shane dealing drugs and bartending at 14; happiness; mortality; financial freedom; staring news channel; Vice’s future plans; self-congratulatory love fest; dialogue; authenticity; mainstream media; Anderson Cooper; CNN; fighting news networks; enjoying life; teenage boys; ignorance; cockiness.

My Thoughts: Podcasts with Shane are always good, and they always involve alcohol and devolve into (in their words) a self-congratulatory love fest. This one is no different.

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