The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 594 with Russell Peters (and Brian Redban)

Episode Number: 594
Episode Guest: Russell Peters
Original Airdate: December 30, 2014
Episode Sponsors: DraftKings, Onnit, Higher Primate

Guest Bio: Russell Peters is an actor and stand-up comedian, currently touring internationally all over the world.

Topics Discussed: Comedy club green room stranger story; boxing talk; Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier UFC fight; liquid cocaine; cocaine; cold-brewed coffee; popularity; being famous; Tom Cruise’s height; Siri; Florida Man Twitter account; StripperGenius Twitter account; Yes, You’re Racist Twitter account; James Bond; hate speech; Serena and Venus Williams; female comedians; new comedy material; clubs and theaters; Tony Hinchcliffe; Brock Lesnar; weight classes; Roy Nelson; Mark Hunt; Crocop; Fedor vs. Brock Lesnar; diverticulitis; game meat; pigs; pig farm drone video; dolphins; Wet Goddess book; animal kinship; furries; escapism; coyotes; Joe’s stolen chickens; horses; animal game meat; PETA killing animals; pets; drinking age; driving age; threesomes; open marriages; swingers; orgies; fame; Kanye West; Ol’ Dirty Bastard; Mariah Carey; Nick Cannon; celebrity marriages; Kim Kardashian; reality shows; Paul Lynde; Robert Conrad; Hollywood’s secret gay men; cuckolding; touring; Ian Edwards; touring foreign countries; Mike Tyson; Ohio police Lamborghini; killing chickens; free range eggs; microwaves killing nutrients; “colored people” vs. “people of color”; derogatory names; South Africa; Searching for Sugar Man documentary;  Nas; Bobby Shmurda; rap lyrics leading to arrests; white rappers; Iggy Azalea and Azealia Banks; Apple computers; 4K; video editing; losing weight; motivation; Indian gang rape; resistance; War of Art book; taking friends on the road; old material; watching yourself spar; street fights; boxing talk; Oscar Dela Hoya cross dressing pictures; foot fetish; fetishes; England; Indian comedy; Bollywood; tailored clothes; boxer physiques; boxing talk; Deontay Wilder fighting internet troll; Mike Tyson; Justin Bieber; Floyd Mayweather, Jr.; going broke; boxing talk.

My Thoughts: Lots of boxing talk. Russell’s jokes are a little corny. His orgy story was pretty funny though. Don’t like his comedy but he’s a decent guest.

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