The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 587 with Ron Finley

Episode Number: 587
Episode Guest: Ron Finley
Original Airdate: December 17, 2014
Episode Sponsors: Squarespace, MeUndies, Onnit

Guest Bio: Ron Finely is a “guerrilla gardener” from South Central LA. After giving his first TED Talk in 2012, Ron has been spreading his “vision for community gardening and rejuvenation” all over the world.

Topics Discussed: How he got started; are poor neighborhoods poor by design; illegal to plant food; arrested for planting food; his haters; golf courses and water; drought; drinking water; fluoride; illegal drugs; protecting money; nutrition; air; smog; traffic in Mexico; how he got started; shellac on tomatoes; corn subsidies; King Corn documentary; soil; grass-fed beef; hunting; bears; deer; coyotes; learning to cut meat; buffalo meat; eggs from free range chickens; roosters; feeding yourself; lobbyists; Dr. Oz; Dr. Phil; female president; Sarah Palin; alligators; Louisiana; Cajun food; Dan Ackroyd; UFOs; chemtrails; spraying of Detroit; depleted uranium used in war; car fumes; break dust; living next to freeways; bees; raccoons; city vs. country; garbage; compost; rain forests; heat in compost; hydroponics; gangstas; his TED Talk origins; touring; SXSW; talking for free; non-profits; reach of his video; community; food tastes better; tomatoes; people talking shit online; attractiveness; judging people; labeling people; police brutality; police cameras; drugs; coffee; San Diego; Tijuana; Mexico; drug violence; Chicago; Detroit; ants; bees; insect intelligence; bees fighting; Fear Factor; riding bulls.

My Thoughts: I like the idea of growing your own food and living off the land, spending as little money as possible on food. It’s a shame that I don’t like vegetables and can’t actually do this. Interesting podcast nonetheless.

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