The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 580 with Lewis from Unbox Therapy

Episode Number: 580
Episode Guest: Lewis from Unbox Therapy
Original Airdate: November 26, 2014
Episode Sponsors: Blue Apron, DraftKings

Guest Bio: Unbox Therapy is a YouTube channel “where products get naked.” Lewis does in-depth reviews of new tech products releasing to the consumer market.

Topics Discussed: Protesters; police violence; riots; snitching; us vs. them; driving in Mexico; survival skills; navigation; tech nostalgia; children today; education; Jian Ghomeshi; Bill Cosby; what makes people bad; McDonald’s targeting poor people; junk food impacting the young; community gardens; Whole Foods; cigarettes; hysteria and hysterectomy; cops wearing cameras; Surveillance Man videos; being natural in front of a camera; people influencing us; beheading videos; videos changing you; romantic comedies; The Walking Dead; reality in movies; ugly people in movies; zombie movies; AIDS patient zero; chimps eating each other; mad cow disease; hunting and meat; wolves; gorillas; Bondo apes; Fallon Fox; men and women; Kimo vs. Royce Gracie; Ronda Rousey; knockouts; climbing the ranks; Cain Velasquez; Conor McGregor; fighter personality; ESPN suspension for tweets; hiding on the internet; charities; Wyclef Jean; worst charities; Bill Cosby; innocence; A Time to Kill; drugging women; power; police interrogation; pedophiles; Louie Theroux documentary; cause of bad behavior; negativity; Ferguson; poor communities; luckiness; guilt; happiness; neck problems from phones; ergonomic chairs; Ergo Depot; standing desks.

My Thoughts: Enjoyable but virtually no tech talk at all which was disappointing.

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