The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 576 with Jim Shockey

Episode Number: 576
Episode Guest: Jim Shockey
Original Airdate: November 17, 2014
Episode Sponsors: High Maintenance, Squarespace,, Onnit

Guest Bio: Jim Shockey is an outdoor writer, a professional big game outfitter and television producer for many hunting shows. Jim has hunted in more than forty countries and has taken nearly three-hundred known species. Check out the new season of Uncharted airing in 2015 on The Outdoor Channel.

Topics Discussed: Jim’s show Uncharted; how society views hunters; how Disney changed the image of hunters; what people want to see on TV; bad reality shows; Storage Wars; Capone’s vault unveiling; dumbing down TV shows; fake reality shows; Les Stroud’s bigfoot experience and TV show; elk making primate sounds; fear while hunting; memories changing; white racial slurs; Chinese people in Africa; hunting backlash; joy of hunting; sheltered meat eaters; hypocrites; anger towards hunters; living a no-risk life; bears in New Jersey; how hunters support animal conservation; how hunting is good for animals; Jim’s Pakistan experience; politics; adapting to foreign cultures; why Jim uses a muzzle loader; hunting hippos; crocodiles; sexism towards female hunters; women hunters; how being against hunting hurts animals; high fence hunting pros and cons; Ted Nugent; educating people about sources of food; rhino horns; rhino hunt auction; polar bears; polar bear population misinformation; eating polar bear; eating game meat; teaching people the benefits of hunting; cooking shows helping hunting education; plants are life forms; hunting in Russia; hunting in South America; hunting bucket list; hunting but not eating the animals; wolves; hunting elephants; ivory poaching; Africa; unknown primates; chimps in the wild; animals with antlers and horns; eating store-bought meat; eating grizzly and other bears; trichinosis.

My Thoughts: Another hunting podcast. Covers territory covered before but also treads new area as well. Less technical talk about gear and more talk about the hunting experience.

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