The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 572 with Dom Irrera (and Brian Redban)

Episode Number: 572
Episode Guest: Dom Irrera
Original Airdate: November 10, 2014
Episode Sponsors:, LegalZoom, Ting, Onnit

Guest Bio: Dom Irrera is a stand up comedian, and also hosts his own podcast called Dom Irrera Live from The Laugh Factory.

Topics Discussed: Dom Irrera’s song Disappoint You Further; origin of music career; learning an instrument; Prince; chemtrails; gay bomb; semen warriors; pornography; strippers; piracy; Taylor Swift; Kanye West; Artie Lange tweets; Roy Jones Jr., Howard Cossel “monkey” comments; Dennis Miller’s football job; UFC injuries; MMA leg breaks; Anderson Silva leg break; head trauma; boxing talk; Floyd Patterson vs. Sonny Liston; Tyson; Holyfield; weight cutting; John O’Sullivan; 1880s boxing; athlete weights; Japanese freak show fights; Gabi Garcia; Rousey vs. Cyborg fight; GSP; wrestling; comedy; podcasting tech talk; taking notes; iPhone voice recorder; Amazon Echo; sex robots; sugarmamas; Elizabeth Taylor’s gay husband; Hannibal Buress and Bill Cosby; Atlantic City; eye problems; crime scene evidence; gateway drugs; marijuana legalization; bridge tolls; taxes; Colorado; promoting gigs; late night talk shows; Jackie Mason on The Ed Sullivan Show; Jay Leno’s Garage; fat kids; sugar; drinking; The Comedy Store; Sam Kinison; roast battle; getting popular from YouTube; bears fighting video; New Jersey bears; bear sizes; kangaroo choking video; salt water car.

My Thoughts: I always enjoy Dom Irrera on Joe’s show and this episode was no exception, though it did tread some well-worn territory and topics that have been covered endlessly.

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