The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 571 with Josh Zepps

Episode Number: 571
Episode Guest: Josh Zepps
Original Airdate: November 10, 2014
Episode Sponsors: Squarespace, NatureBox, Onnit

Guest Bio: Josh Zepps is the host of HuffPost Live and Point of Inquiry, “a podcast for reason & science.”

Topics Discussed: Cancel Colbert controversy; checking your privilege; online bullying; social justice warriors; immigration; homophobic jokes; racist jokes; Sean Hannity; racism; gay marriage; father and son gay marriage; Alex from Target; bisexuality; organic food; cats; vegans; meat; kangaroo choke video; animal and human evolution; aliens visiting earth; civilization; singularity; human condition; happiness; borders; welfare state; health care; US spending; Rush Limbaugh; nuclear weapons; defense spending; Oppenheimer Bhagavad Gita quote; bombs; gun laws; NSA; gun violence; Australia; Korea; Dennis Rodman; Islamaphobes; religion; Islam; abandoning religion; sex and religion; gay marriage; age of earth; Göbekli Tepe; Yellowstone volcano; civilization resetting; asteroid impacts.

My Thoughts: It’s been so long that I’ve listened to this, I honestly can’t remember who this guy is or this episode in general. Looking over the list of topics they covered, it’s stuff that Joe has talked about over and over again on many podcasts.

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