The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 568 with Dr. Rhonda Patrick

Episode Number: 568
Episode Guest: Dr. Rhonda Patrick
Original Airdate: October 27, 2014
Episode Sponsors: Onnit, The Culture High, Squarespace,

Guest Bio: Dr. Rhonda Patrick is a Ph.D in biomedical science and expert on nutritional health. Her podcasts and other videos can be found at

Topics Discussed: UFC and fighting; head trauma; choking; Alzheimer’s; Hominick hematoma; fighter repetitive brain trauma; testing for Alzheimer’s risk; Angelina Jolie cutting off her breasts; 23andMe testing; sleep benefits; obesity and Alzheimer’s; gut bacteria; probiotics; energy management; glutathione and the brain; curcumin; tumeric; piperine; sense of smell; giving young blood to old people; Chris Henry; football players; impulsive and aggressive behavior; serotonin; depression; importance of affection when young; growing up without affection leading to promiscuity; fish oil vs. krill oil; promoting healthy vision; echinacea; nitrites; nitrates; what to eat and not to eat; misinformation; WellnessFX; THC and the brain; legalized weed; alcohol; exercise.

My Thoughts: I get a little lost during these podcasts where there’s a lot of technical and medical talk that I can’t wrap my head around. I’m surprised that Joe can follow along with everything that she’s saying, but I suppose someone who’s as healthy as he is probably has a good grasp on a lot of this stuff.

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