The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 564 with Sturgill Simpson

Episode Number: 564
Episode Guest: Sturgill Simpson
Original Airdate: October 20, 2014
Episode Sponsors: The Culture High, Squarespace, Onnit

Guest Bio: Sturgill Simpson is an American country music singer/songwriter. He has released two albums independently, High Top Mountain and Metamodern Sounds in Country Music.

Topics Discussed: Sturgill’s beginnings; self-releasing his own music; old country music; jazz music; early life; records; music industry today; starting as a musician; music industry in Nashville; the business of music; Garth Brooks as Chris Gaines; Seattle; Los Angeles; Mexican immigrants; Tokyo; yakuza; samurai culture; rude people; Washington, DC; sacred geometry; Skull and Bones society; pine cones; ayahuasca; objects with personalities; Higgs boson; dense matter; big bang; DMT; digital vs. analog; music industry; writing process; missing family; losing money recording; origin of the turtle theme in his music; reptiles; New Orleans swamp tour; gator meat; game meat; moose; buffalo; Native Americans; Christopher Columbus; Jimmy Carter; ’70s music; modern music; quitting music; exploring life in his 20s; Rick Strassman; DMT; drugs; mushrooms; OxyContin; drugs ruining cities; Kentucky; elk; marijuana legalization; Utah; Bruce Lee’s death; eating weed; eating vs. smoking; DXM; methadone; banning edibles; Colorado; alcohol; drunk people; Irish music’s ties with country music; Irish fans; U2’s free iTunes album; Bono and glaucoma; King Turd song;

My Thoughts: I wish he played some songs on the podcast so I knew what he sounded like, and so I didn’t have to look them up later. Lots of drug talk. Seems like an unique character in a genre of music where everyone and their music is a copy of someone else.

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