The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 557 with Bryan Callen

Episode Number: 557
Episode Guest: Bryan Callen
Original Airdate: October 7, 2014
Episode Sponsors: Squarespace, Onnit

Guest Bio: Bryan Callen is an actor and stand-up comedian, and together with Brendan Schaub he also hosts The Fighter and the Kid podcast.

Topics Discussed: Describing Prince of Wales Island in Alaska; camping in the rain; benefits of wool clothes vs. cotton clothes; describing how cold and wet Alaska was; bugs; how funny Bryan is; preparing for the trip; right body for hiking; powerlifters; lab-grown penises; tiny dicks; fakery of hunting shows; Inuit and Native American hunting methods; super volcanoes; humans and neanderthals; sex with animals; New Guinea semen warriors; cannibalism; lighting Fritos on fire; King Corn documentary; corn subsidies; how corn is bad for you; benefits of hemp; Hemp for Victory video; Eli Whitney; cotton gin; creation of Morse Code; Hong Kong protests; Martin Luther; Native Americans; smallpox; buffaloes; horses; future of civilization; dreams; near death experiences; the Koran; Islam; religious fundamentalists; 7th Heaven; Stephen Collins controversy; help for pedophiles; violent offences; Bryan’s molestation story; definition of rape; men and women; sexuality; porn; views of sex; sexuality of today’s youths; cock blockers; men angry at women; legality of prostitution; equality; Dear Woman video; Ask the 1% video; Peter Schiff; fighting for uninformed beliefs; admitting you don’t know things; old Mifune judo video; judo; Cyborg Santos; BJ Penn; UFC talk; brain trauma; football talk; MMA gloves; knockouts.

My Thoughts: This was decent. Not a whole lot of hunting talk, likely because they spent the majority of their hunting trip huddled in a tent while it rained. They only saw one deer the entire time and didn’t kill it. Topics include JRE standards such as religion and rape. Bryan’s molestation story is interesting, though he tells a longer version of it on an episode of The Fighter and the Kid podcast. Worth a listen if you like Bryan. Skip it if you don’t.

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