The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 555 with Rory Albanese (and Brian Redban)

Episode Number: 555
Episode Guest: Rory Albanese
Original Airdate: September 29, 2014
Episode Sponsors: Onnit, Squarespace, The Great Courses

Guest Bio: Rory Albanese is a stand-up comedian and former executive producer/writer for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. He’s currently working on the Sundance Channel’s The Approval Matrix and next year look for him on Minority Report on Comedy Central.

Topics Discussed: Rory’s start in Hollywood; working two jobs; The Daily Show; Jon Stewart; the left and the right; guns; Anthony Cumia; free speech; parody websites; bows and arrows; Mexican crystal caves; meteors; underground water crystals; baths vs. showers; Ebola; Africa; Under the Skin; Don Jon; Scarlett Johansson; New York girls; fighting with girls; relationships; Mitch Hedberg; Greg Giraldo; writing on weed; writing; jokes that don’t age; George Carlin; dreams; holding onto things; writing material; stealing material; plagiarism; Dave Attell; Rory’s start; comedy stories; men’s rights; Bill Burr; road stories; New York City real estate; home invasions; New York City jobs vs. Los Angeles jobs; the economy; legalizing weed; unlimited growth; the 1%; volcanoes; Fairphone; conflict minerals; cancer and cell phones; wireless waves; car tech; conspiracies; secrets; words you can’t say; race; white privilege; borders; wealth; Born Rich documentary; developing personality; confidence; rich people; Richard Branson; space trips; Aerosmith; singers; Bruce Springsteen; Gene Simmons; athletes; becoming funny; growing up; sensitivity; religion; condoms; man with non-stop orgasms; blue balls; dogs; woman lives with dolphin; masturbating animals; Bronx Zoo; Africa; progress.

My Thoughts: Entertaining podcast despite the two talking about things that Joe always talks about lately, like the underground water crystals and legalizing marijuana. Brian is mostly silent except for when the conversation turns towards Scarlett Johansson and the lady who masturbates dolphins.

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