The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 554 with W. Kamau Bell

Episode Number: 554
Episode Guest: W. Kamau Bell
Original Airdate: September 24, 2014
Episode Sponsors: The Great Courses, DraftKings,, Ting

Guest Bio: W. Kamau Bell is a stand-up comic and former host of the FXX television series Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell.

Topics Discussed: Phones; domestic violence in sports; immigrants; ancestors; African American history; beating kids; cheating wives; jail; Tiger Woods; not saying “bitch”; confidence of top athletes; pool players; lifting weights; relaxing before shows; W. Kamau’s show; problems with FXX; after the show; NY vs. the Bay Area; San Francisco; liberals; hot tub brawls; San Francisco gentrification; San Francisco real estate; being poor; NFL head trauma; being a star; late night shows; Twitter people; aggressive progressives; rape; starting a movement; White House intruder; overthrowing the government; the apocalypse; guns; Declaration of Independence; religion; black men in Hollywood; Joe’s Planet of the Apes black movie theater story; being white; Mumford and Sons; Denzel Washington; black actors; accents in Hollywood; Wolverine; comic book movies; bad special effects; Tyler Perry; racism and Jon Jones; black athletes and money problems; boxing vs. UFC; sport corruption; money issues; lack of black boxers; boxing talk; conflict minerals; minimum wage; dinosaurs; creationists; Google; NSA; CIA; Rick Ross; drug conspiracies; black people and the police; making poor neighborhoods better; marijuana; Barack Obama.

My Thoughts: Although I was familiar with this guy and knew of his show, I had never seen it and had never heard him talk or do stand-up before. Overall it was an entertaining way to spend three hours at work. Didn’t get too much into race like I thought it would. Lots of talk about boxing, movies and actors, and San Francisco.

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