The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 548 with Tim Burnett

Episode Number: 548
Episode Guest: Tim Burnett
Original Airdate: September 11, 2014
Episode Sponsors: Onnit, DraftKings, Ting

Guest Bio: Tim Burnett is a hunter, adventurer, and videographer. He can be seen hunting all over the world on Solo Hunter on the Outdoor Channel.

Topics Discussed: Shooting a TV show while hunting; editing the footage; reality shows vs. hunting shows; how Tim started; dangerous encounters while hunting; hunting with a horse; bears in Canada; religion and the bible; animals smelling humans; commercials and sponsors on TV shows; peppers; grass-fed beef; Lyme disease; ticks; sustainable life shows; James Hetfield’s (singer of Metallica) hunting show; cooking game meat; Pigman; wild pigs; wolves; animal cannibalism; educating people about hunting; coyotes; mountain lions; the Second Amendment; immigration; illegal aliens; adrenaline; hypothermia; wool and synthetic fibers; hunting boots; Under Armor Speed Freek boots; hunting technology; bow hunting.

My Thoughts: I’ve never fired a gun in my entire life and while the thought of using a bow and arrow is appealing to me in a Rambo sort of way, I’ve never used one of those either. That being said, I still thoroughly enjoy the podcasts where Joe has on a hunter to talk about all things hunting. This episode is particularly interesting because Tim talks a lot about what goes into producing and filming a TV show, getting it on the air, and working with advertisers.

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