The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 1164 with Mikhaila Peterson

Episode Number: 1164
Episode Guest: Mikhaila Peterson
Original Airdate: August 30, 2018
Episode Sponsors: Dollar Shave Club,, ZipRecruiter

Guest Bio: Mikhaila Peterson is a food blogger tracking her experiences with the carnivore diet at Don’t Eat That.

Topics Discussed: What it’s like to have Jordan Peterson as her father; his sudden success/popularity/infamy; he isn’t always portrayed honestly in the media; publications are struggling today; alternative media doesn’t always have journalistic integrity; it’s hard to find an objective news source; New York Times article about Jordan discussing incels and enforced monogamy; she had a hip and ankle replaced at 17 due to severe arthritis; switching from pharmaceuticals to the carnivore diet; talk about her many health problems before switching to the carnivore diet; Coeliac disease; trying a low carb diet; realizing that sugar was affecting her negatively; going off antidepressants; more talk about trying to narrow down what foods are causing her depression and health issues; she hallucinated once which she thinks was from eating gluten; issues during her pregnancy; Charlene Andersen; trying the carnivore diet and the results she saw; she thinks she’s allergic to everything but meat; her blog Don’t Eat That; not every diet will work for everyone; she can’t tolerate probiotics; food emulsifiers; most people are unhealthy and live sedentary lives; people need rigid requirements for life when it comes to exercise and food; people should exercise and saying that you don’t have energy is just an excuse; the human body isn’t designed to sit all day; talk about her dad’s lack of energy, depression, and health issues; Joe doesn’t understand depression and she tries to explain how it feels; reading about Charlene Andersen led her to try the carnivore diet; insomnia; sulfites; eating sugar makes Joe feel bad; she used to be on antidepressants and Adderall(1:00:00) results after trying the carnivore diet; getting her blood tested; Shawn Baker; talk about her blood test results; talk about vitamins and minerals; types of meat that she’s eating; what she eats when she goes out; infrared saunas; heat shock proteins; cryotherapy; her hip and ankle replacements; vertical climbers; she needs another ankle surgery; she wishes she was on the carnivore diet earlier; she’s getting her next surgery done in North Carolina, not Canada; more talk about saunas; nutrient deficiency; more talk about the results of her blood test; elimination diets; her concern is with people suffering rather than killing animals for meat; Zach Bitter; pharmaceutical companies are evil; people should try other things (like changing your diet) before turning to pharmaceutical drugs; King Corn documentary; new diet to make cows burp less methane; she’s now consulting with people over Skype about the carnivore diet; getting her ketones checked; The Fat of the Land book; kobe beef; adding tallow to ground beef; her mom and brother are on the diet as well; she gets lower back pain if she eats apples; food can cause inflammation; Outdoorsmans Atlas Trainer; fat people must have strong legs; she’s not a nutritionist despite giving people diet advice; the food pyramid; rice is a grain but less inflammatory than others; her issue with the paleo diet; she suggests trying the beef/salt/water diet then try adding in more foods; why she can’t take multivitamins; she tried getting vitamins intravenously while pregnant; she doesn’t eat chicken or fish anymore; she eats three times per day; what she thinks about people who think the diet won’t work in the long term; she had a hard time giving up apples; cutting out sugar and carbs is a new fad; Jordan looks better now since switching to his restrictive diet; you don’t get massive cravings when eating low carb; she said she got lettuce cravings; she’s always in ketosis; adding tallow to her beef; she thinks she’s going to eat this way for the rest of her life; blood type diet; she stopped eating bird meat; ostrich meat; sandhill crane meat; she enjoys her limited diet; she doesn’t get much hate from vegans; (2:00:00) plant toxins; she hasn’t seen anyone switch off the carnivore diet after trying it; her blog Don’t Eat That.

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