The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 1163 with Banachek

Episode Number: 1163
Episode Guest: Banachek
Original Airdate: August 28, 2018
Episode Sponsors: Squarespace, Cash App, LegalZoom

Guest Bio: Banachek is a mentalist, professional magician, and “thought reader.” He performs as an entertainer and tours internationally.

Topics Discussed: They talk about their previous meetings; he was on Joe’s Joe Rogan Questions Everything TV show; it’s better to simply know you can be fooled rather than be shown how a trick is done; someone guessed Eddie Bravo’s birthday and Joe wants Banachek to explain how; he doesn’t believe in psychics but is open minded about it; the human memory is very flawed; he is dyslexic; he reads thoughts, not minds; he mixes things up in his mind; he talks about his background; Uri Geller; The Truth About Uri Geller book; he’s a problem solver; he works with other magicians; talk about some of the first tricks that he created as a child; muscle reading; Psychophysiological Thought Reading book; talk about ghost hunting television shows; Paranormal State TV show; James Randi; his real name is Steven Shaw and why he chose the stage name Banachek; Banachek TV show; Barry Sonnenfeld bought his life rights for a movie; Banachek talks a lot and very quickly; he has songs in his head constantly; his bad handwriting; talk about his stage show; he continues talking about the lead up to meeting and working with James Randi; spontaneous psychokinesis; more talk about working with a university and fooling them; why do people want to believe in hidden powers; he doesn’t believe in UFOs; Joe believed in things before doing his TV show; he has a thirst for knowledge; Finding Bigfoot TV show; SETI; people have a desire to believe in something more; (1:00:00) he used to work in comedy clubs, both the worst and the best; more talk about working with scientists and fooling them; a television producer believed a demon made him cum in his pants; more talk about working with scientists; Taming the Poltergeist book; tricking a scientist by spitting on a camera lens and taking pictures of the sky; the moment when the scientists learned they had been fooled; some people just like fucking with other people; toxoplasmosis; Robert Sapolsky; people infected with parasites; grasshoppers brainwashed into suicide by parasitic worms; psychics; internet scammers; Banachek is so convincing that people would believe him if they didn’t know he was tricking them; people believed in telepathy in the past; remote viewing; Playboy magazine; he tells the story about exposing Peter Popoff; he thinks he would be a great evangelist if he wasn’t ethical; more talk about evangelical scams; mediums are the worst because they prey on the grieving; Long Island Medium TV show; more talk about psychics and the people who believe in them; he tells the story about a psychic who stole millions of dollars from timber heir Ralph Raines Jr.; story about a psychic who believed he had powers and ended up accidentally killing himself due to this belief; networks don’t want a television show where things are debunked; Phenomenon TV show; more Uri Gellar talk; more Peter Popoff talk; religions/non-profits and tax exempt status; Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard; he got in trouble for admitting that he performs tricks; (Banachek performs tricks for Joe where he bends a nail and cutlery); (2:00:00) (he ties a spoon into knots); (he performs a trick where he asks Joe to think of a word, then pulls a piece of paper out of his wallet with the word written on it); (he performs a card trick); Steve Valentine; he teaches magicians and has DVDs available; he tells a story about discovering he could twist silverware; Joe is confused by how easily he can bend silverware; he talks about his pitch for a new TV series; (he performs a trick with Zener cards).

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