The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 1160 with Bert Kreischer

Episode Number: 1160
Episode Guest: Bert Kreischer
Original Airdate: August 23, 2018
Episode Sponsors:, Cash App, Onnit

Guest Bio: Bert Kreischer is a stand-up comedian, actor, and reality television host. His new special Secret Time premieres exclusively on Netflix on August 24, 2018.

Topics Discussed: Animated promo Tom Segura made for Bert’s Netflix special; Your Mom’s House podcast; comedian couples; having kids while struggling as a comedian; Joe doesn’t like Yondr bags at his shows anymore because people keep leaving to check their phones; Bert talks about doing stand-up comedy in Miami where people in the audience got on stage and pulled out their dicks; Joe talks about doing stand-up comedy in Miami to a rowdy audience; Joey Diaz doing stand-up comedy in Miami to other Cubans; shooting sets for a special; Bill Hicks’ Relentless comedy special; Bert likes to shoot only one set for a special because he likes the pressure; bombing on stage is the best thing for your act; Bert is grateful to work The Comedy Store because he can perform for strangers rather than his fans; comedians who only perform for their own audience; YouTubers who try stand-up comedy; comedy isn’t dead and there are many types of comedy and comedians; people create artificial adversaries; gender; bathrooms; using the woman’s bathroom; shitting in front of other guys; Ari Shaffir’s “Jew clam” video; hemorrhoids; Bert thinks the videos Joe, Ari, and Redban put out many years ago were inspirational; Bert talks about vlogging; Instagram videos/Stories; Bert likes watching videos of flash floods; spearfisher Kimi Werner; spearfisher Valentine Thomas; more spearfishing talk; HECS hunting clothing; Faraday cage; HECS wetsuit video; Bert and Ari want to do a marathon with Zach Bitter; Bert talks about running a marathon and seeing a runner shit her pants; Bert is not drinking (much) anymore and talks about it; Bert talks about his panic attacks and not being able to shut his mind off; isolation tanks; saunas; talk about Sober Octobert; dreams are more vivid when you’re not smoking pot; Alpha Brain; lucid dreams; piracetam; nootropics; creatine; dehydration; Bert has inspired others to run marathons and lose weight; they’re going to do Sober Octobert again; talk about doing yoga; it’s tough to do new exercises; Bert swims in a Speedo; swimming in the ocean is easier because of salt water; sharks; (1:00:00) The Meg movie; Gotti movie; Joe thinks doing movies is a trap; actors on medications; Mile 22 movie; NewsRadio TV show; Bert’s Something’s Burning web series cooking show; you can’t be yourself when working with a network; more talk about working on a TV show; Bert talks about doing Something’s Burning; cooking crabs and lobsters; seafood vs. beef; trimming dry aged beef video; cooking elk vs. beef; Adam Greentreeextreme dry aged steak for over 400 days; sous-vide; Joe talks about eating in Thailand; Joe’s wife puked in her car; Joe has seen hundreds of people vomit and doesn’t mind cleaning up puke; more puke and shit stories; Joe’s dog likes to kill squirrels; they talk about their chickens; dog talk; Joe talks about his sick dogs Johnny Cash and Brutus who he had to put down; expensive dog surgeries; mastiff dogs; German shepherd dogs; stories about crazy girls; Bert asks Joe if he could go back to one time in his stand-up career, what point would he go to; Joe reminisces about the past; Joe asks Bert at what point in time he would go back to; forcing creativity; Bert talks about preparing for his new special; Bert’s writing process; the rhythm of storytelling; Doug Stanhope talk; what they do when they get an idea for a bit; getting an idea in the middle of the night; a notebook is like a net for ideas; keeping notes on your phone; ideas are like seeds; Bert has 52 new minutes since shooting his special; stand-up comedy is better than working for Travel Channel; Howie Mandel was worried about getting fired from television due to the content of his stand-up act; creating your own content vs. working for someone else; all their friends are killing it in comedy right now, in their own ways; Joe’s old podcast couch and the early days of his podcast; Bert does his podcast in his house; finding someone to help create videos; David Spade attacked by employee; they watch the animated promo Tom Segura made for Bert’s Netflix special.

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