The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 1144 with Doug Stanhope

Episode Number: 1144
Episode Guest: Doug Stanhope
Original Airdate: July 16, 2018
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Guest Bio: Doug Stanhope is a stand-up comedian, writer, and TV host, also currently hosting his own podcast The Doug Stanhope Podcast. His book This Is Not Fame: A From What I Re-Memoir is available now on Amazon.

Topics Discussed: Doug’s smoking; stevia; Zevia soda pop; Bisbee, Arizona; entertaining guests at his house; Bisbee real estate; septic tanks; Doug knows a pilot; talk about being a pilot; buying shitty cars; nostalgia about working the road in the past; Peter Schiff; Peter Schiff talks to Occupy Wall Street protesters about the 1% video; Trump talk; Ted Nugent; trolling Ted Nugent’s messageboard; some people are nice but act outrageous; more Nugent talk; Alex Jones; Doug shits on Nugent, Joe tries to defend him; violence in Chicago; there are too many people in America; more talk about living in small towns vs. big cities; it’s easy to write people off; Jordan Peterson; more Trump talk; Joe thinks Trump will make marijuana federally legal; voting online; immigration talk; border patrol running over Native American man video; being a police officer is a hard job; more talk about cops; appreciating living in a small town after visiting large cities; talk about how awesome The Comedy Store is right now; Doug’s suits and clothes; clutter in Doug’s house; Australia talk; The Fatal Shore book; Australia’s stolen generations(1:00:00) more Australia and New Zealand talk; crocodiles; Doug wants to take a train trip through Australia; Australia is one of the last weird places; Guns, Germs, and Steel book; white people in Hawaii, Roseanne debacle talk; Ambien stories; Roseanne has dissociative identity disorder; more Roseanne talk; conspiracy theories; Robert Mueller/Trump talk; Melania Trump’s body double; Stormy Daniels arrested while performing at Ohio strip club; more talk about how hard of a job being a cop is; The Seven Five documentary; Evil Genius Netflix documentary series; talk about the Wild Wild Country Netflix documentary series; Warren Jeffs; Warren Jeffs: Prophet of Evil documentary; Mitt Romney’s Mexican history; right wing and libertarian fans; Trump talk; television news channels; stock market talk; Doug wants to enjoy doing nothing; Digging Up Mother: A Love Story book; This Is Not Fame: A From What I Re-Memoir book; comedy talk; recording and listening to your act; you have to do comedy in front of people; what bits work around the world; real comedy means that some people will be offended; people are communicating more than ever; comics talking politics on Twitter; there’s no way you can follow all the news today; it’s impossible to remember everything; Twitter battles; (2:00:00) Twitter trolling; Doug trolling pedophiles on AOL; drug legalization talk; Doug wants to go to South America; Joe talks about going to Costa Rica; ziplines; people on scooters in Thailand; NBC calls Oprah “our next president”; there’s no way the president knows about all the problems in the country; best places to live; Doug used to live in Boise, Idaho and talks about it; scams; InventHelp; Doug talks about living in Phoenix, Arizona; Doug recorded his special Popov Vodka Presents: An Evening with Doug Stanhope in Bisbee; monetizing comedy; Patreon; doing video podcasts; Joe’s podcast in the early days; Greg Fitzsimmons talk; first paid gigs; shitty road gigs are a comedy education; looking at old comedy notebooks and doing the material on stage today; practicing comedy alone; starting comedy over again; giving comedy advice; there are no comedy categories; Doug talks about doing comedy in Asia; quitting cigarettes; smoking while writing; the American dream is freedom.

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