The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 1143 with Candice Thompson

Episode Number: 1143
Episode Guest: Candice Thompson
Original Airdate: July 11, 2018
Episode Sponsors: The Black Tux, PolicyGenius, Cash App

Guest Bio: Candice Thompson is a comedian, writer, and actor. Check out her podcast called The Struggle with Candice Thompson.

Topics Discussed: Heriditary movie; Poltergeist movie; scary movies; The Strangers movie; she tells a story about a guy outside her window; Mulholland Drive movie; Ian Edwards is a vegan and told Joe he would eat elk; talk about dating and trying to find a guy as a woman who some would find intimidating; her positive attitude; Conrad Murray claims Michael Jackson was chemically castrated; castrato; audio of castrato singer; more talk about the Jackson family; being too famous; when is enough money enough; she’s only working until she can stop working; Richard Branson’s Necker Island; words you can only say at certain times; Octopussy movie; guys named “Dick”; names and nicknames; Birdman “respect my name” video; celebrity gossip; she’s been single most of her life; she’s friendly; radio DJs secretly want to be comics; more talk about dating and guys; Ex Machina movie; Get Out movie; The First Purge movie; Candace Owens; Omarosa Manigault; cute blonde conservative women; things you have to believe depending on whether you’re left or right; The Handmaid’s Tale Hulu show; Mexico and immigration; more than 100 politicians murdered this year in Mexico; drugs; talk about marijuana and edibles; cops eat pot brownies, call 911 video; newscasters are like robots; Los Angeles television weather women; waist trainers/corsets; her body; women being called “thick”; she was fatter in high school; talk about diets; cholesterol; being body positive; fat shaming; people bragging about being an alcoholic; Uber/Lyft drivers; more talk about dating and dating online; (1:00:00) dating apps; dating white guys; she doesn’t like guys with lots of muscles; writing a bio for a dating profile; are Tinder and Grindr responsible for a rise in STDs; gay guys wanting to fuck at the gym; more talk about the creeper outside of her window; Snapped TV show; crazy girls; can parents love their kids too much; she started comedy in Los Angeles; she got passed at The Comedy Store in 2014; Joe left The Comedy Store for seven years; more talk about The Comedy Store; Joe tells a story about Bobby Lee almost getting in a fight; Tinder can work occasionally; Chappelle’s Show TV show; crackhead impressions; Joe talks about working with Comedy Central and how bad they are; more Dave Chappelle talk; Charlie Barnett doing stand-up in a park video; doing comedy outdoors; her vision board; she dreams about owning a private jet; flight attendants; otherkin; Rachel Dolezal; the types of people who become comedians; talk about their families and backgrounds; she didn’t feel like she fit in as a child because she’s a light-skinned black woman while her sister has darker skin and hair; jobs she used to have; Joe talks about his parents; martial arts are important for men; Joe thinks all men have violence inside them; we don’t teach kids how to deal with their emotions; Won’t You Be My Neighbor? documentary; Wild Wild Country Netflix documentary series; NXIVM sex cult; more talk about cults and religions; men in power want sex; Joel Osteen; Jim Bakker; Robert Tilton talking in tongues video; Antoine Dodson; people in the closet; Joe thinks his dog is gay because he licks his other dog’s dick after he goes pee; dog talk; Whitney Cummings knows a lot about dogs and has a horse; more dog talk.

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Ex Machina
Won't You Be My Neighbor?
$14.98 −$8.99 $5.99

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The Handmaid's Tale: Season 1
The Handmaid's Tale: Season One - DVD Brand New
$19.98 −$6.45 $13.53

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