The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 1137 with Duncan Trussell

Episode Number: 1137
Episode Guest: Duncan Trussell
Original Airdate: June 27, 2018
Episode Sponsors: Birdwell Beach Britches, Cash App, Onnit

Guest Bio: Duncan Trussell is a stand-up comedian and host of his own podcast The Duncan Trussell Family Hour.

Topics Discussed: Joe and Duncan rant about Apple keyboards again; Apple salespeople don’t pressure customers into buying things they don’t need; you can’t do finger guns at work anymore; we have safety precautions because there are too many dumb people; everyone has a voice today and it’s too easy to be an asshole; sobriety evangelists; Duncan tells a story about someone who tried ayahuasca and killed himself; psychedelics are destigmatised, but people need to be careful; drug testing at work; do assholes have thumbprints; Bullshit Jobs book; companies are asking us to be the opposite of our identities; how many people are listening to this podcast while at work; when did companies ban porn at work; how many people are jerking off while at work; workers have unnatural relationships with corporations; masturbation metaphors and religion; the anti-masturbation movement; Duncan talks about experimenting with Fleshlights; being horny is an energetic state; the body needs balance; The Fireside Grown-Up Guide to Mindfulness book; when words get used too much; Duncan is learning mindfulness from someone; meditation talk; it’s difficult to escape the momentum of the past; we are all an evolving process; more momentum talk; people who smoke cigarettes; karma; risky behavior is like planting seeds that will either grow wild or be cultivated; talk about cigarettes and nicotine; addiction; kudzu; alcohol addiction; Lil Peep’s death; actors who think they will lose roles if they gain or lose weight; (1:00:00) drinking alone; don’t romanticize your addictions; Duncan talks about inspiration; The Lord of the Rings books; they do a bit about drug testing at work; time; work is like slavery; hourly wage jobs vs. salary jobs; (they watch gameplay videos of God of War); Duncan talks about someone he knows who works at Blizzard Entertainment; Joe talks again about Quake and putting a LAN in the podcast studio for gaming; Duncan loves Hearthstone, Joe makes fun of it; The Book of Five Rings book; learn one thing to learn how to do other things; Miyamoto Musashi; Duncan is learning how to play the modular synth and it’s making him better at other things; more video game talk; gaming mice; Starcraft talk; Fortnite video game; being passionate about things; anyone can be a stand-up comedian if they try; Joe tells stories about his private investigator friend who he worked for many years ago; insurance fraud stories; being nice; taking advantage of opportunities; thieves are unaware of the metaphysical economy; Joe drops “love bombs” for waiters in the form of huge tips; being in the moment with people; cultivate compassion; people aren’t taught to not cling onto the past; Joe tells a story about rear ending someone on the way to sell his car; looking back on our former selves and hating who we were; exercise is like jerking off your entire body; letting out your pent-up energy; (2:00:00) is trauma stored in the body; your second brain is in your heart; support your kids and let them find their path; Duncan has a baby boy on the way and talks about being a father and how it’s psychedelic; the love for a child; we have a hard time loving people; the whole world has changed because of the internet; Blade Runner movie; immigration issues the United States is dealing with; talk about the legality of drugs and why they’re illegal; drug laws are made by people who haven’t even tried the drugs; Obama deported more people than any other president; US money is covered with occult symbolism; more immigration talk; Obama in 2005 talking about illegal immigration video; we need to concentrate on how we interact with each other; we’re in an adolescent stage of human evolution; we need management skills for behavior and communication; tend to the part of the garden you can touch; fear turns into anger; Sarah Huckabee Sanders; Joe thinks it’s fun that journalists are getting shit on; more talk about immigration; Jeff Sessions joking about separating families; (they do a bit where Joe pretends to be Jeff Sessions); immigration is a complex situation; Joe thinks the US should help people in Mexico and Canada; we need to fix the poor neighborhoods in America; human beings are our greatest resource; we need to make less losers; why are we allowing money into politics; why isn’t there any trust in the people; 28-year-old socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wins primary election; health care talk; people should be allowed to pursue excellence; (3:00:00) socialism; people don’t want to chip in to help others; building a community; Duncan used to live with Joe when he needed help; tend to the garden you can touch; donating money to help other people.

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Products Mentioned

These are the products that were mentioned and/or recommended during this episode:

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