The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 1123 with Kevin Smith

Episode Number: 1123
Episode Guest: Kevin Smith
Original Airdate: May 30, 2018
Episode Sponsors: Dollar Shave Club, Cash App

Guest Bio: Kevin Smith is a filmmaker, actor, comedian, public speaker, comic book writer, author, and podcaster.

Topics Discussed: They want to podcast more often but are very busy guys; neither have tried cocaine; Joe’s career(s) is based on his mouth; Kevin started podcasting 11 years ago; talk about the history of podcasting and the shift from radio to podcasting; Hollywood Babble On podcast; Kevin suggests Joe get Macaulay Culkin on the podcast; “The Renegades of the Intellectual Dark Web” article; universal basic income; artificial intelligence and automation will eliminate millions of jobs; self-driving cars fatalities; EATR robot; what if there was a robot that ate people; Joe has spoken to Roseanne Barr about her racist tweet and show’s cancellation; Ambien; more Roseanne talk; people do things and don’t remember them when on Ambien; heroin withdrawal; more Roseanne talk; we have no tolerance for racism today; will racism be eliminated in the future; talk about Trump becoming president and the electoral process; Kevin was on a plane with one of Joe’s friends, Aron Snyder; soldiers returning from war; Tribe book; Joe talks about being nervous when starting stand-up comedy; Joe started comedy on August 27, 1988; Kevin tried stand-up comedy before he made Clerks; Kevin talks about his heart attack in between live shows(1:00:00) talk about being at the hospital and thinking he might die; bad food from their childhoods; Hydrox cookies; Kevin is now vegan since his heart attack; fruit juice vs. smoothies; Presto book; he ate potatoes for two weeks after his heart attack and lost 19 lbs.; he has learned how to fast; he eats one meal per day now; Kevin is trying to be vegan though he hates vegetables; vegan restaurants; Kevin talks about his cholesterol levels; he eliminated dairy, animal products, and sugar from his diet; doing Weight Watchers as a vegan; exercising; Joe talks about running hills; mountain lion killed biker in Seattle; Joe talks about raising a feral cat and a puppy with distemper; Joe talks about his veterinarian friend who died in a car accident due to a drunk driver; Kevin talks about getting his first dog; dog talk continues; Kevin talks about putting his dog down and gets quite emotional; finding a replacement dog who was in poor health; behavior of female dogs and male dogs; sleeping with dogs; fleas; cats and fleas; (2:00:00) talk about big cats; more talk about Joe’s feral cat; can a house cat kill a human; Joe explains how a big cat kills someone; sticking a finger in a dog’s ass to stop it from fighting doesn’t work, according to Joe; cats kill everything they can; more dog/cat talk; Roar movie; Melanie Griffith’s pet lion; more tiger/lion talk; all dogs come from wolves; they watch clips from the Roar movie; Roar movie injuries; dying by getting eaten by an animal; more talk about dangerous animals; Kevin doesn’t think he’s courageous; Hawaii earthquakes/volcano eruptions; Yellowstone caldera; supervolcano locations around the world; how he feels after his near-death experience; Joe hasn’t had a near-death experience; courage; Kevin just wants to do the things he wants to do; Joe explains Robert Schoch‘s Egyptian research to Kevin; more talk about Egypt and the ages of its historical structures; limestone; more talk about ancient Egypt; Sumerian language; Dead Sea Scrolls talk; The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Christian Myth book; The Sacred Mushroom and The Cross book; Gnosticism; where in time would Kevin like to go back to; John Anthony West; Magical Egypt documentary series; more talk about ancient Egypt; the construction of the pyramids; no one really knows what happens when you die; Joe talks about what he thinks near-death experiences are; (3:00:00) Kevin talks about his mom’s near-death experience; Kevin talks about thinking he was going to die and what went through his mind after being told he had just a 20% chance to live; Sandman comic book; Kevin wasn’t scared of death when he thought he was close to dying; he is no longer scared of dying; the fear of death can keep you from living; use every second wisely.

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