The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 1117 with Tim Kennedy

Episode Number: 1117
Episode Guest: Tim Kennedy
Original Airdate: May 17, 2018
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Guest Bio: Tim Kennedy is an Army Ranger, sniper, Special Forces Operator, and recently retired UFC Fighter.

Topics Discussed: Tim is a perfectionist; Tim vs. Yoel Romero debacle; Tim is competitive; competitive shooting; hunting talk; are people good; how many hunters are ethical; it’s controversial to kill your own meat; factory farming vs. killing your own meat; wolves in Yellowstone; Tim talks about how he has pissed off conservatives; gun control talk; Tim is a gun nut; Patriot Act; more gun control talk; issues with wild pigs in Texas; feral hogs in Missouri; money from hunting goes towards animal and land conservation; trophy hunting in Africa; hunting in America; more ranting about vegans and animal rights activists; large scale agriculture/grain farming kills animals; fish don’t take care of their babies so it’s fine to eat them; HAG Capisco chair; Tim talks about working with the military; Hunting Hitler TV show talk; talk about what happened to Hitler after the war; Nuremberg trials(1:00:00) Tim continues explaining Nazis fleeing Europe to South America; Colonia movie; Colonia Dignidad; more talk about Nazis in South America; Tim really thinks Hitler fled to South America; Operation Paperclip; Operation Damocles; German engineering; more talk about interviewing people in South America about Nazis; Nazis and torturing people; Nazis creating the Foruth Reich; getting people to talk about their family’s Nazi connections; article about Colonia Dignidad; more talk about interviewing people about Nazis in South America; Nazis in Chile; how Tim can be in the Army while doing TV shows; only 6-8 people out of 100 make the Special Forces; most kids today are obese; the Army needs people more than ever before; Tim says it’s harder to get in the military than to get into a college; perception of the military by young people today; fewer people are participating in high school athletics; recruiting people for the Special Forces; Tim explains the Hard to Kill TV show; Tim tells a story about a pilot and recreating the disaster for his TV show; Tim talks about bad jobs he had to try for the show; swimming in freezing cold water; Tim tells a story about an Alaskan bush pilot crashing; polar bears; video of BBC cameramen and the polar bear trying to eat him; being inside of an avalanche; (2:00:00) more talk about the TV show; almost dying making the TV show; bullfighters; Tim talks about getting hit by a bull; commercial fishing is a difficult job; Deadliest Catch TV show; more talk about commercial fishing; people take everything for granted today; society today is weak; Boy Scouts changes name to Scouts because they accept girls now; boys act differently around girls; female MMA fighters training with men; Raquel Pennington telling her corner that she’s done during a fight; fighters who want to stop during a fight; regret; mistakes make you better; quitting during a workout; more talk about quitting a fight; Tim Kennedy waterboarding video; Tim says waterboarding isn’t torture and explains his stance; Tim says torture doesn’t work; waterboarding Steven Crowder video; more debate about waterboarding; John McCain says to reject Gina Haspel; people think Tim’s on steroids, but he just works hard; there are no good alternatives to waterboarding; Tim would love mandatory military service; more talk about hard work; MMA and performance enhancing drugs; Vitor Belfort before and after; genetics; fighters with “dad bods”; Tim Kennedy Fight for the Troops video.

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