The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 1115 with Mike Baker

Episode Number: 1115
Episode Guest: Mike Baker
Original Airdate: May 9, 2018
Episode Sponsors: Blue Apron, NetSuite, LegalZoom

Guest Bio: Mike Baker is a former CIA covert operations officer. Currently he is the president of Diligence LLC, a global intelligence and security firm.

Topics Discussed: Wolves in Idaho; Joe’s new podcast studio is 14,000 square feet; the US, North Korea, and Iran nuclear pact talk; Apple Watch; Gina Haspel, Trump’s pick for CIA director; Mike talks about his background with the CIA; Khalid Sheikh Mohammed; more talk about Gina Haspel; Mike explains the Huawei and ZTE security ban; Huawei under investigation for illegal Iran sales; more Huawei talk; he is concerned with the frailty of our infrastructure; the idea that we could never be attacked is preposterous; more talk about Iran; civilians think about US intelligence negatively; things are good in America for the most part; the US tries to be the moral compass of the world; Vladimir Putin talk; poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal(1:00:00) The Americans TV show; ex-CIA agent charged with conspiring to spy for China; more talk about the CIA and torture questions during senate hearing; Mike didn’t vote; Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton talk; Mike thinks Joe Biden will run for president; Joe Biden plagiarism; Trump thinks he could beat up Joe Biden; North and South Korean leaders meet, shake hands at border; Dennis Rodman; Billy Corgan knows Dennis Rodman; fishing in Idaho, Montana, Utah; skiing; Seth Simpson has a pet coyote and pet badger; police officer shoots groundhog; hunter touches deer with arrow during rut video; Mike says organ thieves are real; Mike’s daughter works in China; Mike talks about giving a speech; North Korea releases American prisoners; North Korean soldier defecting; more talk about North Korea; Iran; nuclear weapons; he still follows the news despite being retired; talk about how much his kids know about politics; kids aren’t taught how the government works; we’re failing our kids by making life easy for them; they talk about hard jobs they had in the past; every generation wants their kids to have an easier life; school allowed anyone to join cheerleading squad, people got pissed; kids, sports, and competition; kids swearing; kids see and hear so much more today due to the internet; kids need supervision online; violent video games; the world is changing faster than we realize; the early days of the internet; their first cell phones; public pay phones and phone cards; phreaking; phone booths; answering machines; Mike tells a story about Lyndon Johnson’s car phone(2:00:00) the first car phone was used in 1946; more talk about old cell phones; StarTAC phone; Mike talks about his kitchen renovation; Mike has a cabin; Joe has to start working on a new hour of comedy material; Newt Gingrich wants to podcast with Joe; Paytte, Idaho; skiing; Joe has three friends who injured their ACLs skiing; Mike talks about almost dying while skiing; leopard snatches and eats toddler in Africa; animals in Connecticut; (they listen to a video of a cat); coyotes; Joe’s favorite animal to hunt is elk; axis deer in Hawaii; fishing talk; Alaska; Louisiana purchase; people looked hard in the past; The Men Who Built America documentary series; the Donner Party; Bear Grylls; wilderness survival shows; more talk about life in the past; Lyme disease; lone star tick; red meat; Joe talks again about how combining red meat/saturated fat and carbohydrates/sugar is bad; eggs are considered zero points by Weight Watchers; how the sugar industry shifted the blame to fat; fruit and sugar; eating healthy is hard when you’re poor; salmon; kids love carbs; Mike is paying attention to what he’s eating; the truth about how Dr. Robert Atkins died; veganism is like a religion; some vegans are sick; Joe says grains are not good for you; oatmeal; cooking talk; breakfast foods.

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