The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 1101 with Chris Bell and Mark Bell

Episode Number: 1101
Episode Guest: Chris Bell and Mark Bell
Original Airdate: April, 10, 2018
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Guest Bio: Chris Bell is a writer, director, and filmmaker known for the documentaries Bigger, Stronger, Faster and Prescription Thugs. Mark Bell is an elite powerlifter and owner of Team Super Training Gym in Sacramento, CA. Together they are currently working on an untitled new project about food and health.

Topics Discussed: Mark can weightlift again now that he has an artificial hip; artificial hip surgery; they’ve been weightlifters forever; their heritage; Polish people; Kurt Angle; neck injuries; sleep apnea; mouth guard for sleep apnea; carnivore diet; PURE study on food and heart disease; Dr. Shawn Baker; more talk about diet and the ketogenic diet; intermittent fasting; fruit; getting blood work done; cholesterol; more diet talk; meat; organic certification cost; grass-fed meat vs. corn-fed meat; their next documentary will be about nutrition; mixing refined carbohydrates with fat is bad; everybody’s body is different; Joe’s daughter is lactose intolerant; most people eat too much sugar; carbs are needed for athletes who are very active; cheat meals; more talk about diet and what he eats; Joe talks about going off his diet in Brooklyn recently; don’t celebrate your weight loss by cheating on your diet; salad dressing and mayonnaise; rabbit starvation/protein poisoning; protein and the ketogenic diet; inflammation from refined carbs; needing a nap is your body’s response to too many carbs; going on and off the keto diet; bread; Know Foods waffles and syrup; Jordan Peterson‘s diet; more than half the people in hospitals are there because of what they eat; dietary cholesterol is necessary for a healthy body; what you eat with meat is important; the average American is just trying to feed themselves and doesn’t care about diet; talk about their upcoming documentary about diet/nutrition; how they approach making a documentary; What the Health? documentary; (1:00:00) mollusks; plants are complex; plants respond defensively to caterpillars eating their leaves; refined carbs and sugar causes tooth decay; vegetable oil; what motivated them to make a documentary about diet and nutrition; the ketogenic diet helped him kick his addictions to pills and alcohol; he used to think he knew everything, but now thinks he knows nothing; veganism and Seventh Day Adventists; militant vegans; no animal is going to live forever; Joe rants about how veganism isn’t the best diet and how vegans should eat eggs; we need to be honest about nutrition requirements; veganism is like joining a gang; Chris Kresser; Cafe Gratitude’s return to meat makes vegans angry; vegan posturing; survival vs. performance; he talks about the first time he met Joe; Joe talks about healthy food that he eats on the road; sardines; Joe had arsenic in his blood from eating too many sardines; eat salmon for fish oil; liver and organ meat; Joe tells a story about wolves; animals go for the organs first; more liver talk; Joe’s kids eat everything he does; Joe’s kids love probiotics; Mother In Law’s kimchi; they talk about their weights; losing weight is motivating; fighters losing weight; Joe rants again about how there aren’t enough weight classes in MMA; Francis Ngannou digging sand; more talk about Francis Ngannou and other UFC heavyweights; Zabit Magomedsharipov; Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Al Iaquinta; talk about the drama leading up to UFC 223; Joe rants about UFC rankings; more Khabib vs. Iaquinta talk; Kyle Bochniak; Joe thinks Khabib is the best wrestler ever at 155 lbs.; pro wrestling talk; photo of Kurt Angle and Ronda Rousey; The Iron Neck; neck issues; necks need to be exercised; Kurt Angle’s drug addiction; Prescription Thugs documentary; Joe has a family member in Boston whose life is a mess from drugs; they have family members suffering from addiction; Joe says Brendan Schaub was addicted to drugs; Chris talks about being addicted to pills and taking 30 at once; he says he would take pain pills but only in the hospital; ibuprofen causes inflammation; kratom; their upcoming A Leaf of Faith documentary; they say that Joe helped kratom stay legal; FDA considers kratom an opioid(2:00:00) the issues with the kratom industry; they recommend Urban Ice Organics kratom; some people become addicted to things more easily than others; Joe talks about alcoholics/drug addicts he worked with on construction sites; Chris talks about crying because of his addiction; Mark talks about helping Chris kick his addictions; Chris will call people who reach out to him to help them with their addictions; Chris talks about his alcohol addiction; everyone needs the help of other people; ibogaine talk; how ibogaine treats opioid addiction; MAPS psilocybin study; MAPS MDMA treatment; euphoria is listed as a side effect of prescription drugs, but why; Hamilton’s Pharmacopia “Kratom: The Forbidden Leaf” documentary episode; using kratom for weightlifting; talk about running and running hills; more exercise talk; Rogue Echo bike; he thinks he wouldn’t have needed hip replacements if he started his diet when he was younger; more talk about body and joint issues; sometimes doctors don’t know what they’re talking about; yoga talk; the importance of warming up; walking; bodyweight squats; Cobra Kai YouTube Red series trailer video; Joe’s problems with the Warrior movie; The Smashing Machine documentary; Mark Kerr; Blood in the Cage book; Pat Miletich; how Netflix screws filmmakers; talk about the Icarus Netflix documentary; what they would do differently if they made Icarus; Bigger, Stronger, Faster documentary; Don Catlin; talk about athletes and steroids; what they will name their next documentary; Dr. Robert Atkins’ death; you can’t be fat with a good quality of life; Atkins’ branded food isn’t good for you; Mark has a gym that’s free for people to use.

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