The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 1076 with Phil Demers

Episode Number: 1076
Episode Guest: Phil Demers
Original Airdate: February 9, 2018
Episode Sponsors: Framebridge, ZipRecruiter, ProFlowers

Guest Bio: Phil Demers is a former professional marine mammal trainer and employee at Marineland in Canada.

Topics Discussed: Phil gives a brief background of himself and his work at Marineland with walruses, Marineland’s mistreatment of its animals, and what led him to eventually quitting; Phil is being sued by Marineland; Marineland legal battles against activists and the OSPCA; Blackfish movie; talk about performing with whales and sea lions; whales and medications; animals are given Valium; Ikaika whale; bear from movies kills trainer; more talk about animals and Valium; Canada to ban capture of whales and dolphins; Bill S-203; talk about countries and the capture of marine mammals; dolphins and whales have complex languages; holding whales captive is like slavery; bill to ban orca breeding in Florida is killed; a Chinese company is Seaworld’s largest shareholder; captive whales can’t be released back into the ocean; dolphins can jump out of their pools while in captivity; one dolphin was outside of her pool overnight; Phil tells stories about trying to get dolphins back into their pools; attendance at Marineland is dropping despite booming tourism in Niagara Falls; Marineland has around 50 beluga whales; intelligence of dolphins and whales; whales respond to verbal commands; Joe talks about monkey languages; Marineland has mass graves with thousands of animals on its property; Marineland kills deers by shooting them; Marineland leased land from Niagara Falls to keep protesters at bay(1:00:00) Marineland went to shit in 2012; no one wants to speak out against Marineland; Phil has been in a legal battle with Marineland for five years; where Phil sees this lawsuit headed; more talk about his legal battles against Marineland; Phil is raising money to help fund his legal battles; the police approached him about a tweet he retweeted that they said would incite violence; he has support from both hunters and animal rights activists; Joe gave Phil tickets to see a UFC event live; Phil talks about connecting with Rosie O’Donnell who wanted to help him but ultimately did nothing; he considers these lawsuits a violation of his life; more talk about lawsuits and the Canadian government; Phil has an Airbnb for earning money and works as a mailman for Canada Post; how he hopes this will all end; talk about the creation of a whale sanctuary; Joe saw dolphins in the ocean and pulled over to the side of the road to watch them; hunters don’t want animals to be kept locked up in captivity; kids today are repulsed by animals kept in captivity; China is neutral about animal captivity; Joe recommends people watch Blackfish.

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