The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 1063 with Tom Segura

Episode Number: 1063
Episode Guest: Tom Segura
Original Airdate: January 11, 2018
Episode Sponsors: Square Cash, ZipRecruiter, Rocket Mortgage

Guest Bio: Tom Segura is a stand-up comedian and hosts his own podcast with his wife, Christina Pazsitzky, called Your Mom’s House. His new special Disgraceful premieres on Netflix on January 12, 2018.

Topics Discussed: Ari finally paid off the weight loss challenge bet; Ari, Bert, and Tom went to a football game in Atlanta; Tom talks about the football game; Bert loves to be recognized by people and wants to be famous; Ari paid $3,500 for each ticket to the football game; Jeff Bezos is now the richest man in history; Jeff Bezos before and after; paying for journalism; it’s hard to trust news sources; talk about the early days of Amazon; rich people rarely talk about how awesome it is to be rich; Bill Gates’ house; Bill Gates asks billionaires to give away wealth; preparing your kids to make it on their own; what if their kids got into comedy; Joe talks about his daughter being funny; it’s hard to do something if you don’t have to; people who grow up rich; what causes people to be lazy; self-sabotage; development deals for comedians in the past; Joe talks about his past development deals; the relief of not having to worry about money; prices in restaurants; it must be overwhelming to have a billion dollars; rap culture and wealth; drug culture and wealth; Pablo Escobar’s prison; Surviving Escobar TV show; Jennifer Lopez to play drug lord Griselda Blanco; Ari got fat from sugar; Bert is fat from booze; talk about Sober Octobert; Tom wants to do a marathon; Cameron Hanes; running talk; Tom hired three trainers and talks about exercising 3-4 days per week; Tom tells a story about Bert taking his shirt off in a bar; Bert really is a party animal and it isn’t an act; a new challenge to not use your phone or social media; talk about doing hot yoga during Sober Octobert; making yourself work; writing new material after a special; old comedians who never wrote new material; retiring material after releasing a special; forgetting old bits; Tom has released five specials; you want to hear a musician’s old songs; Bruce Springsteen talk; (1:00:00) working with your wife; talk about Tom’s wife Christina Pazsitzky; writing material on stage; not writing material down; you can’t tell someone how to do/write comedy; George Carlin talk; Joe’s on his eighth special; talk about Dave Chappelle’s new Netflix specials; Bill Cosby; Louis CK jerking off in front of people; Dustin Hoffman sexual allegations; people like to see celebrities punished; could you jerk off in front of someone; kinks are weird; tying up your sexual partner; Jim Norton embraces his kinks; Dave Chappelle getting shit for anti-trans jokes; college campuses today; Joe talks about lesbians vs. trans people on his Twitter timeline; men who transitioned into being a woman who beat up their female partners; every group will have mentally insane people; changing genders and athletics; Fallon Fox; gender talk; transgender weightlifter at Commonwealth Games; sandbaggers; Radiolab podcast episode about someone who changes back and forth between genders; gender pronouns; Tom’s Twitter; “dog cunts“; hot girls from the past; swimsuit models; knowing sports stats; Artie Lange; Al Franken draws a map of the United States video; Al Franken allegations; girls grabbing guys; Born Strong documentary; weightlifters; Joe knows five or six kids who are transgender; openly transgender CWHL hockey player; female athletes; people are too concerned with being progressive; more talk about transgender athletes; (2:00:00) Dr. Ramona Krutzik discussing Fallon Fox; biological differences between men and women; people who deny biological differences between genders; (Tom goes to the bathroom); Jamie and Joe talk about college sports; Louisville basketball coach pocketed 98% of $39 million contract with Adidas; NBA contracts and shoe deals; Kevin Durant says nobody wants to play in Under Armor shoes; Under Armor talk; Big Baller Brand; LaVar Ball and Donald Trump feud; Tom explains Big Baller Brand and the Ball family to Joe; UCF says football player can’t make money off YouTube; more talk about college sports; being young and rich; struggle is important; Cameron Hanes has a regular job; Courtney Dauwalter talk; mental toughness; what makes a person tick; seeing yourself in your kids; Joe talks about his kids and encouraging them to pursue their passions; Tom Agna; Tom is jealous of all Joe’s hobbies; Joe says he’s obsessed; Joe wanted to build a car from scratch; Joe is installing TechnoHUNT in the podcast studio; Topgolf; Joe suggests hobbies for Tom; Josh Homme kicks photographer on stage; people taking pictures during a show; Joe will be using Yondr at some shows, requiring people to turn off and lock their phones up in a bag; people using cell phones during shows/performances; Joe would like to move to Denver or Seattle; Tom thinks he’ll move to Denver eventually; more talk about Colorado; Tom talks about his parents seeing him perform.

Movies Mentioned

These are the movies that were mentioned and/or recommended during this episode:

Born Strong
Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand); Arnold Schwarzenegger, Eddie Hall, Hafthor Bjornsson (Actors)

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