The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 1060 with Remi Warren

Episode Number: 1060
Episode Guest: Remi Warren
Original Airdate: January 4, 2018
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Guest Bio: Remi Warren is a hunter, guide, writer, television host, and solo adventurer. Check out his show Apex Predator.

Topics Discussed: Remi and friends were attacked by an 11.5-foot, 1,200 lb. grizzly bear in Alaska last October and he tells the story; MeatEater podcast with Steve Rinella talking about the attack; Remi’s Instagram; Remi continues the story; thinking that he was going to die; Adam Greentree’s Instagram; story about a guy who killed a bear with a knife; a strong person is very weak compared to a bear; Joe played with a baby chimp and it was very strong; humans hide behind our tools; australopithecus; fear of bears in the past; Joe talks about seeing a grizzly in Alberta; brown bear sits next to guy in Alaska video; wolves eat people; stories about wolves; wolves can kill elk; British Columbia ending trophy hunting; controlling bear and predator populations; axis deer; Hawaii; (1:00:00) what should be done with invasive species; the reality is that animals kill other animals; Remi recently took his fiance hunting; game meat vs. meat from the supermarket; reward systems for hunting an animal for food; people have no problems with fishing; no one cares if you kill a rat; killing an octopus; his show Apex Predator; octopus are like aliens; spear fishing talk; holding your breath underwater; Remi is only 33 but has experienced a lot; he used to breakdance; hunting with Bryan Callen; Joe tells the “ravine cummer” story again; you need a sense of humor while hunting; Joe wants to go hunting in Mexico; hunting in Nevada; the government selling off public lands; Trump to end ban on offshore drilling; passion about your hobbies; Remi prefers a difficult hunt to an easy hunt to challenge himself; Joe thinks a person who doesn’t struggle with things will be miserable; overcoming obstacles feels good; Remi has back issues from hunting and can’t do yoga anymore; Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and yoga; good balance is important; Turkish get-ups; Outdoorsmans Atlas Trainer; exercises anyone can do to prepare for a hunt; Joe rants again about modern shoes; Remi stalks animals in his socks; walking barefoot; Dual Survivor TV show; Remi knows a guy who got gangrene in his foot from hiking; going hunting with people who have never been hunting before; hunting is athletic and is a skill; hunting and survival instincts; staying calm in the moment; he had no classic archery training; Byron Ferguson; John Dudley shooting an arrow through a kettlebell handle video(2:00:00) rifle hunting; elk hunting; hunting in Montana; short-faced bear; photographer in box attacked by bear video; polar bear dying due to climate change; muskox; what’s next for him; hunting is difficult and honorable; solo backpacking trips; bear spray; he’ll go back to Alaska; he’s not big into bear hunting; he has no interest in hunting a lion; more talk about Alaska and issues with animal populations; some people can only eat the animals that are around them; bear populations can impact the populations of other animals; TV shows that follow people who live off the grid; Heimo’s Arctic Refuge; eating bear meat; eating coyote meat; Remi tells a story about punching a coyote in the face; story about a close encounter with a mountain lion; domestic cows in Nevada; Bundy standoff; he’s going to Mexico; doing a hunting show for the internet; he’s going to New Zealand this year; talk about a hunting trip to Australia; most people are ignorant about hunting; there are lots of cool places to hunt in the United States; preserving public lands is important; it’s cool to be in the middle of nowhere with no one else around.

TV Shows Mentioned

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Dual Survival Season 1
Varios (Author); English (Publication Language); Audience Rating: PG-13 (Parents Strongly Cautioned)

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