The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 1052 with Mick West

Episode Number: 1052
Episode Guest: Mick West
Original Airdate: December 12, 2017
Episode Sponsors:, NatureBox

Guest Bio: Mick West is a game programmer, writer, and debunker. He currently runs a few websites including and

Topics Discussed: Chemtrail conspiracy theories; why are conspiracies attractive; Mick thinks it’s just regular people who get sucked into conspiracies; YouTube and conspiracy videos; chemtrails; there’s a lot of money in telling people they’re going to die; chemtrails are the training wheels for conspiracy theorists; Mick explains what “chemtrails” actually are; Joe Rogan Questions Everything episode about chemtrails; aluminum is in dirt; Mick doesn’t work for the government, he worked in the video game industry; temperature drop in the US after 9/11 due to no planes flying; contrails warm the planet; monitoring moisture content in the atmosphere; CIA director admits to chemtrails video; steering hurricanes; stratospheric aerosol injection; people only notice “chemtrails” when they learn about them; people who live next to airports can get sick due to air pollution; Alaska mine threatens salmon and Native cultures; conspiracy theories distract people from real problems; Mick believes the real story of the John F. Kennedy assassination, Joe believes JFK conspiracy theories; bullets that hit bone get distorted; Best Evidence book; Jack Ruby told FBI informant to “watch the fireworks” the day JFK was shot; woman told Las Vegas crowd “you’re all going to die” before recent Vegas shooting; more JFK assassination debate; Case Closed book; Joe was asked to take over Jesse Ventura’s show Conspiracy Theory; World Trade Center Tower 7 collapse; Tower 7 collapse explained video; Alaska Tower 7 evaluation; the fact that 9/11 even happened is a conspiracy; (1:00:00) Mythbusters ping pong ball cannon; people involved in conspiracies aren’t educated in what they’re talking about; conspiracy theory videos on YouTube are brainwashing people; Joe believed in rods; Roswell rods video; architects and engineers who believe 9/11 was a controlled demolition; most architects and engineers believe that 9/11 wasn’t a controlled demolition; Morgellons and Lyme disease discussion; fibromyalgia; people diagnosing themselves; Cuban sound beam weapon talk; video of sonic weapon attack against US diplomats in Cuba video; Mick thinks the sonic weapon is cicadas; doctors find brain abnormalities in Cuba attack patients; sick building syndrome; Joe talks about being hypnotized; hypnotic voices in YouTube videos; Eric Dubay; Eddie Bravo talk; Zecharia Sitchin; Twelfth Planet book; Fermi paradox; the future, robots, and artificial intelligence; tomato sorting machine; Facebook’s AI robots create their own language and talk to each other; the future and becoming genderless; Joe talks again about how grey aliens could be humans evolved; downloading consciousness into a robot; artificially intelligent content creators online; social media and bots; Turing test; Black Mirror TV show; Ray Kurzweil; son made a chatbot of his dying father(2:00:00) Ex Machina movie; robots won’t necessarily look like humans; you can affect how people think about things online; Wag the Dog movie; HTC Vive; AI-assisted fake celebrity porn movies; Roy Moore yearbook signature; memories change over time; the future and recording our sight; Total Recall movie; more talk about how memories are unreliable; remembering monumental events; Joe talks about 9/11; talk about Tom DeLonge‘s appearance on Joe’s podcast; conning people out of money; self-filling water bottle; more Tom DeLonge talk; To the Stars Academy; Mick doesn’t work for the government; people think Mick is stupid and dismiss him; Mick thinks debunking things is fun; flat earth conspiracy talk; ships travelling over the horizon; YouTube flat earth videos; spirit level experiment on airplane video; more flat earth conspiracy talk; flat earth ice wall; satellites that take pictures of earth; how do rockets work in space; flat earthers don’t believe in satellites; people are concerned with stupid shit when the earth is filled with real mysteries; the flat earth conspiracy theory can be used to teach kids; more flat earth talk; talk about the moon; memorizing things; Joe is tired of nonsense conspiracies; the flat earth conspiracy theory is so stupid; Mick’s new book.

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