The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 1049 with Chris Stapleton

Episode Number: 1049
Episode Guest: Chris Stapleton
Original Airdate: December 6, 2017
Episode Sponsors: Squarespace

Guest Bio: Chris Stapleton is a Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter and guitarist. His new album From A Room: Volume 2 is available now.

Topics Discussed: Joe is a big fan; he used to write songs for other artists; his new album is coming out; playing Wrigley Field with Tom Petty; Gene Simmons showed up to one of his shows; Gene Simmons went to see Joe perform; balancing art with fame; staying true to yourself; Chris Gaines; Richard Bachman; Chris Gaines VH1 Behind the Music episode; Garth Brooks talk; Chris’ history with music and getting into the music business as a songwriter; how he writes songs; he’s written over 1,000 songs; choosing opening acts; meaningful songs; Amy Winehouse; tortured artists; artists with unique sounds; Gary Clark, Jr. and HoneyHoney singing “Midnight Rider” video; Freddie King; feeling fortunate; classical music; jazz music; collaborating; fishing talk; Joe talks again about reward systems and fishing; catch and release fishing; catching butterflies; people are fine with killing insects, even if they’re vegans; cricket protein; Joe talks about eating crickets in Mexico; if you’re allergic to shrimp, you’re allergic to roaches; Southern California fires; appreciating firefighters; his wife is pregnant; talk about his kids; talk about touring; (1:00:00) he can only sing a few days per week; country singers and Nashville; Nashville is changing; preserving your integrity; Joe thinks awards for art are goofy; Last Comic Standing TV show; singing competition television shows; there are no country music television variety shows anymore; Mike Judge’s Tales From the Tour Bus animated TV show; he likes Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead; he has no expectations or plans for the future; giving advice to younger artists; be nice to people; he thinks you can’t learn how to be a songwriter; Joe thinks unfunny people can become funny; clueless people; more talk about writing songs; going back to old songs; he doesn’t like to write while under the influence of alcohol/drugs; Joe talks about writing comedy while high; doing things for inspiration; he played Justin Timberlake’s birthday party; he has worked with Adele; he doesn’t read much; talk about playing guitar and always trying to get better, as a musician and a person.

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