The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 1048 with Doug Stanhope

Episode Number: 1048
Episode Guest: Doug Stanhope
Original Airdate: December 5, 2017
Episode Sponsors: MeUndies, Squarespace

Guest Bio: Doug Stanhope is a stand-up comedian, writer, and TV host, also currently hosting his own podcast The Doug Stanhope Podcast. His new book This Is Not Fame: A “From What I Re-Memoir” is available today on Amazon.

Topics Discussed: Joe’s new podcast studio; floating in an isolation tank; Joe suggests Doug start an isolation tank business in Bisbee, Arizona; mosquitoes; mosquitoes in Alaska; Naked and Afraid TV show; Doug has written two books; Doug won a comedy competition and beat Dane Cook; Last Comic Standing TV show; Dat Phan; Carrot Top; comics arguing with people online and in real life; Joe used to always argue with people; religion; The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Netflix show; Nathan for You TV show; being out of touch with popular music/movies/TV shows; Doug doesn’t like music; Go movie soundtrack; fat girls looking like ’50s pin-ups; things you can’t make fun of; calling someone a Jew; Doug won’t do a set at The Comedy Store; getting material by arguing on social media; writing material; Sam Seder fired from MSNBC; indoor surfing in Dubai; Joe got into podcasting because of Opie and Anthony; Moscow mule; Corona beer; bars and alcohol; Southern California fires; Bisbee City Hall fire; Google Pixel Buds language translation; Joe had an old bit ranting about text messaging; talk about going to a Lakers game together after 9/11; photo of a hooker with a meatball sub pulling out her tit; people without cell phones; Joe wants Jamie to blow up the picture of the meatball sub hooker to hang on the studio wall; (1:00:00) hookers; post-cumming depression; lying to a woman to have sex with her; talk about the recent sexual abuse/harassment allegations; talk about shooting skits on The Man Show that would be problematic today; Doug smeared jizz on a guy; Doug used to pull his dick out all the time; talk about Louis CK jerking off in front of people; people need to interface with others as equals; situations where women are vulnerable; being open with girls about sexuality; teachers having sex with students; Joe and Doug wanted to marry each other on The Man Show; marrying your best friend; Joe still can’t believe he’s friends with Andrew Dice Clay; Stranger Things Netflix show; Zevia soda pop; being self-deprecating; comedy and punching up/punching down; knowing people online then meeting them in real life; Sarah Beattie/@nachosarah; Lauren Duck; Joe talks again about working for a hilarious private investigator; no one is #metoo about rock stars; damaged girls; cities are amazing but humans aren’t ready for them; people are nicer in smaller communities; OCD people; germaphobes; the human body replaces its cells every seven years; Innocence Project; private prisons; working on bits for a long time; bombing; stories about eating shit on stage; Doug talks about bombing after Chris Porter; Tinder eliminating home field advantage for NBA players; Bernie Mac(2:00:00) great grandparents; immigration; Hawaiians hate tourists; Doug’s This is Not Fame book; Ghost Ride Productions; Patrick Magee special effects artist; controlling your anger; aging; biology and becoming an adult; having a child who comes out as being straight; comedy privilege; comedians can say anything to each other; caring more as you age; Doug refuses to drink Zevia or artificial sweeteners; End of the World podcast talk; Doug talks about his girlfriend hitting her head and being in a coma; Olivia Grace; more talk about the End of the World podcast; Joe wants to do another similar live podcast; Sarah Tiana; trolls online being negative; comedians are more supportive of other comedians today; Craig Ferguson; eggplant parmesan; fame; Michael Jackson; Michael Jackson’s This is It documentary; radio DJs used to pick their own songs; doing radio shows to promote shows; the best of Bill Burr on election night video; Flight movie; Marilyn Manson came to the End of the World show to support Doug; Samsung Flip smartphone; watching movies on smartphones; (Doug shows Joe an old picture of himself pulling out his dick in front of Louis CK and Sarah Silverman); when can you pull your dick out; no man would get mad if a girl pulled out her vagina; Christie Brinkley; hugging people; porn has ruined sex; robot stripper pole dancing; Jason Momoa; Jayson Werth; talk about Doug’s smoking; Joe has an air filtration system in the studio; quitting smoking; writing and smoking; writing while drunk on an airplane; going over old material.

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