The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 1044 with CT Fletcher

Episode Number: 1044
Episode Guest: CT Fletcher
Original Airdate: November 28, 2017
Episode Sponsors: NatureBox, Sonos

Guest Bio: CT Fletcher is an ex-powerlifter, actor, and video blogger. He is a three-time world bench press champion and three-time world strict curl champion.

Topics Discussed: My Magnificent Obsession documentary; his hereditary heart issues, heart attacks, and his health today; he needs to get a heart transplant; he became famous because of his YouTube videos; Tyron Woodley, big muscles, and MMA fighting; their feud online; Joe says he has 1.6 million fake followers/bots on Twitter; being born with natural muscles vs. building muscles in the gym; balancing muscles and cardio; Bas Rutten’s workouts; Matt Hughes; Francis Ngannou has the most powerful punch in the world; Alistair Overeem vs. Francis Ngannou; Jon Jones talk; CT says he’s 100% drug-free; he tried steroids many years ago but got off them despite them working well; steroids gave him a bad attitude and made him temporarily impotent; CT says you lose everything you gained after going off steroids; he wishes he never took steroids; Icarus Netflix documentary; Bigger, Stronger, Faster documentary; competitions and steroids; Japanese MMA and steroids; picture of Fedor with kettlebells; strength and conditioning for MMA; he doesn’t know why people watch his videos; Joe says his videos are inspirational; CT was a personal trainer; he lost his job at the post office because of his health, then became a personal trainer; powerlifting training and injuries; growing up and being afraid of his dad; how he got on YouTube; his dad was a preacher and made him want to inspire people; his relationship with his father; asking his father to forgive him; (1:00:00) he doesn’t communicate with his father regularly; having a bad father can make you become a better father to your own children; sharing stories about his childhood can help other people; excuses are a real problem; if you don’t fail then you haven’t tried hard enough; get out of bed and accomplish things; people mocking sincerely inspirational videos; he’s traveled the world because of his YouTube channel; more talk about their online feud; he has a Patreon campaign; talk about heart transplants; experience is the best teacher; he takes 15 different drugs daily just to survive; Kali Muscle on Fear Factor; CT talks about interviewing Royce Gracie; Joe talks about his UFC/stand-up comedy/podcasting jobs; CT finds it hard to talk in front of lots of people; Joe started stand-up at 21 on August 27, 1988; CT releases a YouTube video every Saturday; CT is vegan for health reasons, not because of the animals; Joe rants about militant vegans; CT didn’t want to be associated with vocal vegans; how the sugar industry shifted the blame to fat; plant-based proteins; “it’s still your mother fucking set”; CT talks about his mom and her positivity despite her illness; negative patterns; David Goggins thinks most people quit at 40% when exercising; people aren’t lazy, they just fall into lazy patterns; Joe talks about hard sparring when he was younger and being afraid of brain damage; Joe stopped fighting competitively in 1989; Joe would have pursued fighting in the UFC if it was around when he was fighting; Joe talks about choking someone who was on Fear Factor; trolls/critics on social media; one type of exercise/diet won’t work for everyone; you need to try things and figure out what works for you; don’t try to be someone else, be yourself; CT was a point karate fighter and almost fought Billy Blanks; CT likes MMA but loves boxing; talk about boxers/boxing; Joe prefers MMA because anything can happen; talk about MMA personalities who CT has met; fighters like CT because they need motivation; fighting professionally is nerve-wracking; professional fighters who are scared to fight; there’s a limited amount of time for fighters to fight professionally; Anthony “Rumble” Johnson; weight cutting; (2:00:00) Australian teen dies from weight cutting; more Anthony “Rumble” Johnson talk; travelling is hard on the body; Joe talks about why he reduced his commentating for the UFC; stand-up comedy talk.

Movies Mentioned

These are the movies that were mentioned and/or recommended during this episode:

CT Fletcher: My Magnificent Obsession
Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand); CT Fletcher, Steve Austin, Bill Goldberg (Actors); Vlad Yudin (Director) - Edwin Mejia (Producer)
Bigger, Stronger, Faster*
Factory sealed DVD; Chris Bell, Mike Bell, Mark Bell (Actors); Chris Bell (Director) - Alexander Buono (Writer) - Alexander Buono (Producer)

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