The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 1042 with Krystyna Hutchinson and Corinne Fisher

Episode Number: 1042
Episode Guest: Krystyna Hutchinson and Corinne Fisher
Original Airdate: November 20, 2017
Episode Sponsors: Squarespace, Netflix’s The Punisher, MeUndies

Guest Bio: Krystyna Hutchinson and Corinne Fisher are both stand-up comedians, also known by the comedy duo name of Sorry About Last Night. They also host a podcast called Guys We Fucked that is available for download via Apple Podcasts.

Topics Discussed: Toilets and bidets; wiping your ass; Joe stands up to wipe his ass; vaginal anatomy; vaginoplasty; portions of Joe’s skin is still numb after his knee surgery; child birth; Face Tune app; Kim Kardashian Mexico bikini pictures; perfection; Instagram models; confidence and insecurity; one of them says she doesn’t like fun/things without purpose; Joe likes their podcast; interrupting guests; their rapport and history together; slut shaming; sexual repression; Pope Benedict XVI (Ratzinger) and sexual abuse in the Catholic church; she thinks 85% of kids have been sexually abused/assaulted; doctors abusing patients; she thinks her grandfather was purposely killed by a doctor; suppression of desire breeds creepiness; sex robots; The Mask You Live In documentary; racist on San Francisco train; when to intervene with someone who is mentally unstable; perverts on public transportation; people shitting on public transportation; San Francisco public defecation map; story about inviting a homeless guy to party with them; there’s a spectrum for sexual assault; hugging someone; Andy Dick jerked off in front of Joe; talk about Andy Dick; podcasting with Andy Dick; Andy Dick fired from movie over sexual assault claims; girls slapping a guy’s ass; Joe has a friend who was sexually harassed by a woman at his work; Joe knows a bunch of girls who have been drugged; one of them was roofied but not raped; a listener of their podcast admitted to raping women; why guys would want to rape women; men who resent women; trolls insulting you online to get a reaction; no one who is happy and fulfilled is a troll on social media; pecking order; being cruel to those weaker; alphas vs. betas; a lot of computer coders are on the spectrum; angry feminists; being a woman in comedy; (1:00:00) Joe dated a female comedian at 21; comedian couples; Women Aren’t Funny documentary; treating everyone in the comedy community as an equal; competition in comedy; Broad City TV show; doing things yourself; it feels good to be supportive; taking pictures of your private parts; more vagina talk; learning about the genitals of the opposite sex; we’re in the middle of a giant social change; evolution of comedy; Eddie Murphy Raw; Andrew Dice Clay; Dying Laughing documentary; comedians getting stuck as the character they portray on stage; Joe talks again about the future of communication and a universal language; Fisher Wallace stimulator; story about freaking out after eating an edible before flying; anxiety and edible marijuana; DMT talk; Joe says you will never be the same after you take DMT; psychic surgery; placebo effect; acupuncture; the mind/body connection; Robert Sapolsky article on religion; belief can make you feel better; avoiding uncomfortable feelings; reading comments online; they were called “cum dumpsters“; they’re not anti-men; Joe thinks it’s good for men to listen to women unfiltered; the podcast has helped them understand themselves and grow; having a conversation is a lost art; cuckquean; cuckold porn; Joe watches porn once or twice a week; people get numb from looking at too much porn; fantasizing about other people; women and gay men are attracted to muscular men with money; attraction varies between people; strange things you find attractive; Shelia Nevins; not giving a fuck; strip clubs; they say they’re opposites and disagree about things; politics; Louis CK talk; comics are impulsive people; Tig Notaro on Louis CK; circumcision; Ari Shaffir’s dick and balls; female comics don’t show their vaginas; botched circumcision leads boy to be raised as a girl; penis transplants; angry ex-wife cuts of husband’s penis and throws it in garbage disposal; penis transplants and cadavers; they think penises are weird; talk about a threesome one of them had with their boyfriend; blowjobs; Fleshlights; sex doll brothel; Joe would fuck a sex doll for the story; what men think of when they masturbate; CRISPR and gene editing; CRISPR tested on human for first time; plastic surgery; fake boobs; (2:00:00) people don’t accept plastic surgery for guys, like pectoral implants; human injected with gene-editing tools to cure his disease; Radiolab podcast on CRISPR; her mom’s health troubles; Lyme disease; Bell’s palsy; Morgellons disease; moments of uncontrollable rage; Joe thinks all funny people are fucked up; Joe talks about his past and kickboxing; Joe says he has a hair trigger; working out; kickboxing classes; rage rooms; weightlifting; talk about their podcast; Joe talks about the early days of his podcast; more talk about podcasting; touring and conservative states; men and things in their butts; Aneros; you don’t have to be famous to have a popular podcast; humans and culture are evolving.

Movies Mentioned

These are the movies that were mentioned and/or recommended during this episode:

The Mask You Live In
Ashanti Branch, Caroline Heldman, Michael Kimmel (Actors); Jennifer Siebel Newsom (Director)
Women Aren't Funny
Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand); Tom Arnold, Maria Bamford, Joy Behar (Actors); Bonnie McFarlane (Director) - Bonnie McFarlane (Writer) - Rich Vos (Producer)
Eddie Murphy Raw
Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand); Eddie Murphy, Tatyana M. Ali, Samuel L. Jackson (Actors)
Dying Laughing
Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand); Jerry Seinfeld, Kevin Hart, Sarah Silverman (Actors)

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TV Shows Mentioned

These are the TV shows that were mentioned and/or recommended during this episode:

Broad City: Season 1
Factory sealed DVD; Jacobson, Abbi, Glazer, Ilana, Schneider, Stephen (Actors); English (Subtitle)

Last update on 2020-10-25. The above items contain Amazon affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on them. Images from Amazon Product Advertising API.

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